Lookout Building for Watchtowers

  • Lookout Building for Watchtowers

    Hi Albion,

    In the past, i did some suggestions for using enchanted Stone (increase return rate for buildings), here another one:

    Use Enchanted stone for special Watchtower Buildings (I would call them Lookout Tower), you could only place on plot in the watchtower territory (or maybe cities).

    You would need enchanted blocks equal to the tier level of the territory to build it there.

    Possible benefits:

    Locate PvE Mobs (and Chests) on the map
    Locate enchanted resources on the map
    Locate enemies on the map.

    Possible implementations.
    Depending on the level of the blocks (.1 / .2 / .3) you could unlock benefits and / or increase the range of the watchtower (e.g. .1 goes 25% of the map around your tower, .2 goes 50%, .3 full map)
    The Tower itself should have some defensive mechanics (maybe additional Elite Guards around the tower), but should be "destroyable" so any alliance can ZvZ up to deactivate the benefits.

    I think, it could be real fun to have such benefits without being game changing.
    Your own gankers could have a slugfeast knowing, when enemies are inside.
    Your own gatherers could safly farm, when they know, the Zone is clean.
    (You would have an additional silver sink by destroyable buildings $$$)

    Any Feedback would be highly appreciated.

    So long,