Suggestions and BUGS!

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  • Suggestions and BUGS!

    Hello Albion Online Community!

    I go by "Ryaj". Just started the game after the launch and I am enjoying it so far. After playing the game for a while, I wanted to write my feedback's and suggestions for some of the game aspects. It will also include some bugs. Please feel free to give a reply and let me know your thoughts!

    Starting with;

    Dueling (Player vs Player)

    Tbh, I love dueling. I think its a nice system for players to experience their builds and strategies against other players. It is also nice that you could bet for a duel. However, I think there is a huge problem ,which I believe also bothers other people, that is ABUSING the dueling system. Sometimes people would duel you with high or low amounts of money and they wouldn't show you your "DUELING/EXACT" gear until the duel starts. So the player who changes his/her gear to anything newer (mostly healers with high spec) wins the duel and initially, steals from the losing player. (Yes! I would call it stealing || )

    You can call this whatever you want but I think this leads people to be much more toxic in game and changes the mood of everyone.

    SUGGESTION: I think whenever someone offers a duel and receives ones, he/she should not be able to change gear and skills (as if in combat mode) so that it will be more fair!

    Yellow Zone Hellgates

    I honestly love the system of Hell gates in this game, I really do. Even the chaos that happens during 3 teams trying to get 1 YHG. But sometimes, it makes you unnecessarily crazy. Because as you all know, once the portal is up, you need 3-4 seconds for each player to enter the portal. However, if there is another team the situation is different. Most of the time the HG killing team can't get in because either the other team bothers, or they loose time chasing the other team because they are being bothered. Which also leads to another level of being irritated in the game. ?(
    SUGGESTION: I think there might be 2 improvements for this.

    1) The team will enter through the portal AS a team. (No separate entering cast, 1 WHOLE cast)
    So at least if one of the team members can't get in, they will all be out, TOGETHER!

    2) The team members who kill and open the Hell Gate will have a BUFF (like blue shield) that will prevent other players from bothering them.
    It already takes a huge amount of time to open a portal in YHG Zone if there are other teams. (Which most of the time there are) So the team will be slightly rewarded by killing it and will have access to the portal easily.

    Gathering Proc

    I do not surely know if this is the game's system or its a bug. But sometimes, whenever you are gathering a Tier x / x.1 / x.2 / x.3 level resource, it can DOWNGRADE or UPGRADE to another level.

    --- BUGS! --- (Which I believe...)

    # Royal Shoes - Evasive Jump Animation (When you are walking and casting this, it goes shorter than its range) :sleeping:
    # Royal Boots - Royal March (Normally it states that "If you reach your destination without interruption, you gain 4 Stacks" However its written or proceeded wrong. Because in game whenever you finish the stacking or get interrupted, you gain extra 4 Stacks of resistance and movement speed)
    # Warbow - Magic Arrow (The hit box of this skill is unnecessarily broken. It can hit you even the arrow's wind hits your knees) :thumbdown:
    # Claymore - Charge (After charging, the charged player moves back. It does not stay at charges maximum point. :thumbdown:
    # Knight Armor - Taunt (The Taunt skill says it reduces the target's damage and it does, but I wish there was a Debuff shown for it)
    # Wanderlust Skill (It most of the time bugs, and procs more than what its written to be) :?:
    # Tanks loosing aggro to Fire/Frost (Although Tanks use threat generation, most of the times Frost and Fire (Or Mage classes) can easily take the aggro.)
    # Battleaxe - Battle Frenzy (It says that "Immune to movement impairing effects" however it does not state that its also immune to its damage. Battle frenzy can easily counter skills like Frost W E and Heron Spear E since the player with Battle Frenzy open does not take the damage of the skills casted on him.. I think it should either take the damage or should be re-written in a proper format so it makes sense.)

    There might be more suggestions for the game and bugs later, but for now, this is all I got.
    I hope you like the thread! Don't forget to comment your thoughts.


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  • There is two more bugs I would like to add.

    First is that hit box showed in the game (skills of mobs that is being showed), has problems. e.g spear skills reach more than it shows.

    Second is that irrational behavior and inconsistent behavior of the mobs. Examples for those;
    1) Undead sword master using sword swing, sometimes during skill turns around and hits with the skill to someplace else.
    2) Same x,y,z place in a dungeon/expedition sometimes causes you to pull a mob sometimes doesn't. I do not know the reason of it but it feels like a bug and sometimes it happens very weird, like a player more walks more closely to a mob doesn't pull the mob but another player who is away pulls the mob.