Essence farm drop rates

    • Essence farm drop rates

      After doing some farming here is what I got:

      In red zone spectre farm for 10mins:
      2 T6 faded essence
      23 T4 faded essence
      8 T5 faded essence
      2 T8 faded essence

      In 5 minutes of mercia black zone spectre farm:
      12 T4 faded essence
      1 T8 faded essence
      2 T6 faded essence
      1 T5 faded essence

      I was originally intending to spend 10 minutes farming in mercia as well, but in 5 minutes I had already killed all of the spectres at the farm except for a few that were sitting on top of T7 mobs I hadn't come prepared to deal with. Unless I'm missing something the drop rates and spawn rates are entirely not enough to maintain an ecosystem of enchanted potions.

      Considering it takes 10 faded essence to make one new essence and 5 of the new essence to craft a potion, it will take about 20 minutes of farming to craft an enchanted T4 pot and an hour to get 1 enchanted T5 pot (and who knows how long for a T6/T7/T8)