Quick cast

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    • I heard about quick cast and I was really excited about it. However I had one worry I thought might happen, which eventually happend, sadly. My fear was that when introducing quick cast it wouldnt be like any moba quick cast. I feared that it would only just work on the first ability and afterwards it ignores all else. Note that I am talking about Holy staff here and its Q ability.

      This fear came true; right now all quick cast works on is skillshots, but not on targeted spells, which will just lock onto an enemy. After locking onto this enemy you can not use your Q ability or any other lock on ability on other targets, even though you might be hovering over them. This will result in extremely infuriating gameplay, and wont make any difference compared to the default cast system. At least for people using lock ons.

      therefore my suggestions: make a seperate option in which you dont use abilities on the person you locked on, but instead your targets. Another option could be to make an option/keybinding which will remove your current target. An alternative to this could be to chain cast spells on your locked target by holding down the button. When you let loose you will stop targeting this person and you can use your q again on the target you're hovering over.

      That was all.