Guild leaders of Albion Online: How do you manage guild gathering and crafting responsibilities?

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  • Guild leaders of Albion Online: How do you manage guild gathering and crafting responsibilities?

    I have also posted on reddit: Guild leaders of Albion Online: How do you manage guild gathering and crafting responsibilities?

    In my guild, we are doing things a certain way and I'm wondering if there are a) better ways and b) ways to automate some things without violating the Albion Online ToS.

    For gathering, each guild member has a box in the guild hall. Our guild is under 50, so this isn't unreasonable. Each gatherer does their thing and deposits in their box. Then the gathering master goes and checks the boxes, records what the gatherers have deposited. If anyone isn't pulling their weight, we ping them about it, etc.

    For crafting, we use the guild market. Everything is set super cheap, price wise, but gives us an idea if people are just taking all of a certain item(s) (gathering gear, for example). If the person who put what they crafted up on the guild market and player-x bought all of it, then we know we have a problem.

    The crafting master then watches the market and makes sure we have enough of all the things we need on a regular basis: different foods, potions, gear, weapons, etc. If anything is low, he either puts a buy order in on the guild market and pings the crafters and asks them to make whatever is needed.

    But there can be an easier way. The Albion Data project is a legitimate application (that has verified permission from Korn of AO, that it can read data, but can't modify data or manipulate the client in any way) that watches the network connection from your running game and sends read-only data to a central server. Individuals (such as myself or any other person with some dev experience) can then subscribe to that central server's data flow. The project can do interesting things like grab market item data and container/box contents data. That data could be tracked and automate a bunch of the above things.

    With this data, you can do thing like tie gathering and crafting requirements to users. It would allow the guild management to see who has deposited things to boxes and the market. A requirement of items, for example, t5 stone hammers could have a requirement of 5 in a container or market. The website would receive current data from a box/market, see that there are only 3 hammers and PM the assigned crafter in discord that they should make some more.

    So my questions are:

    1) How do YOU manage these things right now, if at all?

    2) Would a website that ties into discord for PMing individuals and has a helper application that runs on your desktop be something you might use? The helper app would allow you to click through the market manually and open guild boxes, allowing the helper application to capture that data.

    Thoughts? Too much work? Awesome? Let me know!

    edit: A link to the AO forum post about the Albion Data project.