auto-spend LP 'feature': who came up with this?

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    • auto-spend LP 'feature': who came up with this?

      I understand you want to offer people the ability to immediately spend LP when it is available for them.

      But with how rare und thus valuable LP are, you are making a really atrocious trade-off descision for the players, combined with a flawed UI.

      I logged into the test-server and had about 400 LP left on one of my characters (my pvp / stone gathering character).

      I clicked the checkbox and it immediately blew through my 400 LP, spending it on random T3 and T4 nodes instantly, like gear I don't ever plan on using or refining mastery unlocks that are by design just a LP trap!

      I am extremely suprised that this feature went into public testing and that it didn't get shit on in internal developing review and in addition to the person who developed that being pulled in for a serious talk.

      The fact it went live is proof for serious oversight on SBI's part during the development process, or proof that you guys have a massive issue with unspent LP.

      Not to mention how many support-tickes this will generate because people will accidentally click the checkbox and then just stare at the screen with agony as their hard saved up LP are wasted on unlocks they were never ever going to use.

      Destiny Board
      Added a feature (toggleable in the top bar) that can automatically spend LP for you when you reach the threshold to do so.

      -- after you click the checkbox it should under no circumstances auto-spend LP on all the unlocks you have available for LP
      -- you must select every single destiny board tree individually and be able to enable the auto-spend LP feature for each tree seperately
      -- even with that option you force people into making mistakes early, before they even understand how valuable LP are

      This is a prime example of why so many people think of SBI's track record as one step forward, two steps back.

      Holy shit this feature is bad and unfinished.


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    • +1

      No one wants to use LP for all skills =O

      I have an easy fix Fix the Track/Untrack so that once you untrack it is forever until you choose track again. And use the new checkbox for only tracked skills.

      Even then there should be a warning, possibly even a list of tracked skills that will be tiered up.

      If this goes live like this, I see a shit-storm of complains from everyone who happens to try it out...
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    • Bogul schrieb:

      Holy shit this feature is bad and unfinished.
      And I think the worst part is that they choose to spend Developer time on a feature that nobody asked for, that saves the Player almost no time ( Did anybody have a problem ? No - it was even enjoyable to see you reached the fame to spend LP and then do it ) and that will if the want to do it right (like choose auto-LP per node) eat up even more Dev time.

      80:20 and rethink scrum priority.

      Really - instantly scrap the whole feature, just remove the button and don't spend any valuable time on it to make it work, other things should be way up list.

    • Hey @Bogul and everyone else!

      So, as you've noticed the Auto-Learn features is not where it should be, agreed. In it's current iteration, it's not the feature that people wanted, we are aware of this and will fix/improve it.

      Steps, we plan to do:
      1. Like Korn said, we'll make sure it is only active for newly reached thresholds, not for old achievements.
      2. It was planned to be implemented for each individual node from the beginning. That will be implemented with one of the first patches of Joseph.
      3. For the time that we don't have the individual node auto-learning we'll implement a confirmation stating the risk of spending LP on things that you might not want to spend them on.

      Further I want to give my perspective on a few comments in this thread:
      "Who came up with the feature?" The community did. We didn't implement for fun or because we had nothing else to do.

      "Nobody really asked for this feature" We wouldn't have implemented it if the community didn't ask for it, because it's just like Bogul said: you might spend valuable LP by accident. But it was one of the most requested features after we introduced the new Destiny Board Tracker.
      Just linking a few posts, there's dozens more comments from people who wanted this feature:
      Destiny Board: Taggable Nodes (tm)
      Destiny Board is extremely tedius to use
      Add "spend LP to level" option to Progress UI
      A Small list of suggestions.

      - Lino
    • I plain appologize for stating that nobody wanted this, I didn't know it was asked for.I personally have a great feeling of success once I get informed about having reached enough fame to spend LP on something. I then give it a moment to think about it if I really spend them and would not value a feature to take the small effort away from me by having it auto-spend, as it also does not happen too often when specialzing.

      But I guess its a feature a lot of others seem to value, so thanks for listening and take my appology.

      I actually also thing the testserver might very well be the place to test unfinished stuff - just communicate that it is not finished.

      Cheers, skitted
    • H4n1baL schrieb:

      2. It was planned to be implemented for each individual node from the beginning. That will be implemented with one of the first patches of Joseph.
      That's the only way I see this feature work and actually be useful.

      When players do PvE, they progress several things (shield, helmet, weapon) in the core-tree, AND in the specialization.
      Sometimes they swap things out for maybe a boss or some short PvP in-between PvE.
      Overall, they most probably will progress in MORE nodes then they want to spend LP on, e.g. most times they don't want to throw LP on the core-tree, sometimes they don't even want to progress one of the things they carry at all, e.g. shields/offhands or the wrong pair of shoes.

      Similar thing with crafting. Some players only want to progress the core-tree, but no matter what they do, they progress in specializations, which would eat up some of the LP with the current implementation.

      Short question:
      How does it handle fame in bulk?
      e.g. I craft 1000 items at once for like 1mill fame. Does it use LP for masteries in-between, or only the remaining at the end?
      (even more important when studying for like 2x the fame)
    • @H4n1baL While I have to apologize same as Skitted about "noone has rly asked for this" as people did. So, sorry on that part and thanks for taking time to post those topics where people asked.

      But I am still wondering, are the people working on this the same that could work on improving guild management or something else worth theirs time?

      P.S. Just because people ask for something does not mean you should do it. Unless you believe its the best way how to spend your resources.
    • Such a joke the way you prioritize what to work next. Guild QoL has been a major problem of the game since the beginning and yet you chose to work on a feature that has no impact on gameplay whatsoever. Yeah, sure it is a nice feature to have, but guild QoL tools are missing from the game, you should dedicated the first patch 100% to it (as promised btw), and yet you manage to cram a "feature" that hardly nobody wants, and you don't even manage to get it right.