• Hi!

      38 years of age and I live in Sweden. Been playing mmos since Ultima Online. Mostly WoW and Swtor though. Still active in Swtor.
      Game and movie nerd. Favorite game: Skyrim Favorite movie: Aliens
      Have a horse and a little dog and a daughter that is 12 who love to play Roblox and draw dinosaurs. (Check out Virablox on twitter). :thumbup:
      I live with her and my husband, who is more into retro comupters like Amiga than new games. :rolleyes:

      Started playing Albion Online a few days ago. I really like the feel of the game as it reminds me of old times mmos.

      I play a character named Skryma. She is a pure crafter, gatherer and farmer.
      I dont do pvp, as I have never liked that playstyle. I'm more of a Co-op person and I like running around gathering stuff to improve my skills.

      So now I mostly working on my t6 island and leather/bow skills. Im based in Martlock and searching for a mature and active guild there.

      See you in-game! <3
      <3 t4 crafter and gatherer ~ t4 bow and leather armor maker/user ~ t6 private island <3

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