[YEET] Emotional Net Loss - Black zone PvP roaming/ganking/teamfighting - T4 requirement, beginner friendly, 0% tax [English speaking - NA primetime]

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  • [YEET] Emotional Net Loss - Black zone PvP roaming/ganking/teamfighting - T4 requirement, beginner friendly, 0% tax [English speaking - NA primetime]

    The cause of emotional breakdowns in red and black zones alike

    Eltharyon wrote:

    We firmly believe, that a player kill against an non consensual target should be something you have to work hard for. The reasoning is simple: the victim has worked hard for their equipment, if you can take it, it must be hard to get it. Otherwise the PvP kill will be an emotional net loss (the victim suffers more than the ganker enjoys the kill) and the game will become unsustainable.
    Source: Dismounting now applies a debuff that means for three seconds you cannot attack other players

    "Emotional Net Loss" is built around the concept of playing the game the way it was advertised...
    as an open world PvP game. Our goals aren't to claim territory while gathering the best resources so we can feed GvGers in an endless cycle of supply and spend, funded through the efforts by the majority of our members, rather build a community around the ideals of ruining everyone else's day. We pride ourselves on a desire to world PvP for the sake of killing players without being watered down by mandatory events and siege camps.

    The mindset of the guild is simple...
    The mindset of the guild is simple. Play how you want, when you want, but don't suck at it. If you want to fame farm alone while we're out slaughtering gatherers, be my guest. Nobody will ever prevent you (or force you) from participating in an event. What we do ask is that when you do play with us, you give us a quality member who strives to gather kill fame and cause tears.

    Everyone in Emotional Net Loss is equal. Therefore, if you start a group it is YOUR group. Nobody is to take it, call over you, etc... All members are given officer rank (the only thing it can do is invite). If you're invited to the guild via a member you'll be screened by the leadership to ensure you have the requirements posted below.

    What we offer you...

    Daily PvP runs in the form of...

    BZ Dungeon roaming groups

    We often form up a group and check dungeon to dungeon throughout blackzones, wiping groups and tilting people for our own amusement.

    BZ PvP comp fame farming

    While we are a PvP guild, fame is a necessary evil. In result, fame farming groups are fit for PvP and fights. We don't own the dungeons, therefore we'll take them.

    BZ Camping groups

    We also like to sit around and do nothing while people walk into us. Kinda like gate camping but without the stars.

    BZ Hotzone roams

    We warp into a zone that has a high ganking presence and take as many fights as we can.

    Red zone daytrips
    Ever desire to go on a murderous fit as a feared bandit? Well basically you're really just locking yourself out of blue zones but we run them anyways.
    For those two-shoed goodie goodies you're always welcomed to make an alt to participate.

    The opportunity to lead and learn...
    Should you ever desire to target call or lead your own group, any member of the guild is welcomed to take up a group. If you want to lead but have no idea how, Emotional Net Loss will work with you to achieve so.
    Strong (existing) leadership...
    During our prime time we already have existing leadership that will take out groups if ones aren't already rolling.

    What we require of you...
    The ability to wear T4

    Emotional Net Loss is a PvP guild. While we're willing to take new PvPers, we aren't willing to grind someone to T4 for the very first time. If you aren't prepared to walk into the black zone the second you join the guild you aren't ready. That considered, we're more than willing to help you with monetary issues to get you established. We may request to change segments of your build to further optimize it for group play depending on your role. If you need assistance making a build Emotional Net Loss leadership has a firm grasp of the game and is more than willing to help you.

    Discord is required

    There is no exception to this rule. If you can't listen to Discord you hinder the entire group by causing communication issues and confusion. If you can't hear the call, you can't respond to it. If its better to not bring you to the group then you shouldn't have come in the first place. It doesn't matter if you come to every trip for 2 weeks and want to go without discord once. If you can't or won't be in discord, you aren't in the group.

    Respect the group leader
    This goes beyond be nice to each other. If someone is leading a group, it is their group 100%. You are not to counter call, argue, or intentionally speak over the group leader. Emotional Net Loss is a place for people to come and learn. We will have new leaders, callers, etc... Nobody is to undermine the leader of the group. If you do anything listed prior you'll be globally muted (within reason) by a discord server admin on the spot regardless of how long you've been in the guild.
    Don't be sensitive
    This applies to every element of the game. Be able to handle a wipe. Be able to handle a joke. Be able to handle criticism. Be able to take and defend a point in an argument without holding resentment or personal grudges. People have disputes and that's okay, what isn't okay is melting down over it. If you're going to hold grudges over bad calls, wipes, or disagreements don't join because we don't want you.

    We split the loot (mostly)
    Fastest fingers generally don't get the loot here. Loot is pooled through chests on the guild island and we split accordingly. Guild leadership and designated sellers who are trusted in the community will take the time to sell and distribute loot accordingly. Our method used to pool loot will explained upon joining the guild. If a group leader decides that the group will free for all loot it must be stated prior to leaving Carleon. If a member of the group disagrees with the method of looting they are welcomed to leave the group. Whoever forms the group gets final word. If a player is inactive or unwilling to accept silver payouts within 30 days the silver will be placed into the guild vault and used to purchase consumables for guild use.
    Be active enough
    If we notice you offline for like a month we'll gkick you. Just reapply, it's not a big deal. We're not gonna track you or anything of the sort, but we aren't going to home a guild full of inactives. Our numbers should accurately represent how many players we have playing the game.

    [YEET] - Whats good
    We take our not serious alliance just as seriously as we take our not serious but serious guild. Anyone in [YEET] is friends with Emotional Net Loss and are to be treated equally as members. Alliance members are open to our comms and have the ability to lead a group if they desire just as any other member. The goal isn't claim zones through our alliance, rather open up groups in various timezones and pull numbers in a welcoming but aggressive to everyone else environment. You know? You know. Any other reds are open to flaming or rubbing salt in the wound accordingly, just try not to get muted.

    How to join:
    Contact literally any member of the guild, assuming they've passed the initial screening process they'll have the ability to invite. Players able to promote members to "officer" rank are Noragen and Zeales. Additionally if you drop your name below I'll send you a friend request as soon as I can.


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