Kick in Instance with 15min penalty

  • Kick in Instance with 15min penalty

    First i got kicked and now a second time....
    1. first time i got kicked for reason bad tank. But i hold agro and did a great job... but all the other guys pulled more mop groups
    2. a guild member is back in game after a brake and he died some times. so he kicked him with the reason. and i say it isnt fair. other 3 guys kicked me like him with the reason noob.

    1. I run every day a lot of T6 expeditions... and 2. i know what i do.

    The point is ONLY 3 guys are needed to kick a player out of the instance. The other point is u have to take a brake of 15min penalty and its not your or my fault.

    Yes Post's like this exist here much more. But Sandbox Interactive GmbH have to listen und to do something against those problems.

    Take out the penalty is one thing but 3 out of 4 guys are enough to kick one guy out of the expedition. And thats why! Only 1 players are such toxic, the other 2 arent that better. Thats very frustrating to see buddys or myself get kicked out of the group.

    Sry but thats one of my problems in Albion which killed the time i really spend in it. Thats why i do not want to pay a single cent in this game. :thumbdown:
    Oh man i hope the wheel of time bring us some better ways to solve problems like this. :/