Looking for PVP focused Guild NA/PST preferred

    • Looking for PVP focused Guild NA/PST preferred

      Hey guys, DMXTRON here..

      I come from a small tight knit Darkfall clan who no longer plays Albion.
      I'm looking for an active clan that I can quickly join a group to roam open world / fame farm / HGs.

      Since launch I've been in a small clan where we would all do our own solo thing and then group up for PVP when we're on together.
      I've never been in a group larger than like 6 or 7 people, I would like to try some ZvZ but my favorite is small group open world PVP..

      My main is T6 1h Frost, but i also use great frost sometimes. I'm usually on during the week in the evenings PST for a couple hours and pretty much all day when i'm at work gathering on my alt.

      I'm very much a team player and thrive under pressure. I communicate well, only pertinent info.. call targets, call low health etc..

      You can check out my PVP videos below, most are from previous beta's but have some from launch.

      If you have any questions or want me to 1v1 you let me know.
    • Hi there,
      [CIR] Crimson Imperium Reborn is a mature, fun-loving, mass-murdering PVP guild with a dash of PVE during the quiet hours.
      We have 24h coverage, with a good amount players from around the world (Germany, UK, Finland, US to name a few).
      [CIR] has a history with multiple PVP games, with Core members playing for 15+ years.

      We are well organised and use Discord for communication (for voice comms and information broadcasting).
      T6 crafters available in Fort Sterling.

      We currently train on yellow and red territories and slowly taking on BZ.
      Hop on to discord and we can answer all your questions!

    • Hey there!

      Krypted Gaming is building a different kind of guild in Albion, a community focused on fun and enjoying the sandbox, instead of min-maxing. We have recently branched out to Albion Online, after building an extremely successful EVE Online community. Our goal is to enjoy everything that Albion has to offer, whether it be hellgates, dungeon runs, or gathering parties.

      Our First Week in Albion
      Getting Started Guide
      ...and many more!

      For more details, check out our forum thread, or come chat with us in our Discord. There is always someone around to answer your questions!

      Multi-game community, check out our guides
    • Hi DMXTRON,

      -My guild and alliance can easily provide for you that end game experience.
      -We have an entire dedicated crafters Bulk Goods Corp, that they take and deliver goods throughout the entire alliance.
      -We have dedicated protection for our gatherers.
      -We also have nightly siege camp ZvZ fights, that we never lose
      -Nightly GvG matches, which we need more members for GvG

      Our mission is to find other like-minded mature adults that want to learn, and have fun playing Albion together. We seek friendships that we can maintain for future games to come.

      Our current recruitment focus, is to find more players that want to be placed on a regular GvG teams to fight for territory as well as defend already claimed territory.

      Currently in Albion, we have a guild island based out of Lymhurst and our buildings are upgraded to T5. Most all our members are T6, and we seek to own BZ territory. We have organized guild Fame runs nightly.

      We are in an alliance with [TLP]<The Last Prophecy>. This alliance now gives us access to guild islands in every major city. No guild tax on guild vendors. We own public city vendors for free to use 15% rr. TLP gives us the ability to connect with over 800 competent helpful members/veterans.

      We are massively recruiting for more players of all roles. Our HG teams are forming now, and we need more gatherers to supply our crafters and teams. Please check out our recruitment page here!

      Join our discord here!

      Look forward to meeting you!

      Eclipse Clan

      Where gaming meets community