Black Hand Alliance rank 52 and climbing.

  • Black Hand Alliance rank 52 and climbing.

    We are the Black Hand Alliance rank 52 and climbing the leader board. We have guild islands with fll access to all alliance members in each city and a dedicated Alliance island in Caerleon.

    We are looking for guilds of all types to add to our ranks, from PVP oriented guilds :evil: to Crafting guilds :saint: and Guilds that are a mixed bag of players :whistling: . We run daily and nightly groups of 10 to 20 people at least. We use Discord for our Voice communications. We are in the process of taking territories. We run hell gates and do guarded blackzone gathering groups as well as Fame farming dungeons. We are a North American and European Alliance. People are on at all times.

    Message by whisper or in game mail DrakeDeity or Charlichaos for more info if you are interested in an alliance that arent total dicks like some. Every Guild big and small has a say in this alliance. We hope to see and/or hear from you soon.

    Have a good day, or nice night. :D
  • are you recruiting smaller guilds? i have a small guild made up of my IRL friends, we are 7, and mostly focus on HG and BZ ganking. we are often looking for extra people to join us because we don't always have 5 online.

    we also craft and gather for our own gear, so we are self-suffisant.

    just looking for a bigger Alliance to join so we can help in ZvZ or other content we can't really do with our numbers.