War Camp Exploiting and Carleon Time Table

  • War Camp Exploiting and Carleon Time Table

    War camp exploiting is back, if you deny it you are blind or doing it yourself.

    How the exploit works:

    The way they use this exploit is simple, you have 4 characters, in 4 different guilds, outside your main guilds alliance.
    You log out 1 character at each warcamp, when the camp opens, you login WITH BUBBLE AND SCHEDULE THE ATTACK UNCONTESTED, because you take 0 damage and cant be interrupted because of bubble.
    So this leaves NO counter play, there is no way to defeat this, except having 10 heavys with windwall to knock them away while they are bubbled so you can schedule the attack yourself.

    The solution:

    1. Make this bannable, across all accounts on the same IP as the abusing account, 72 hours +.
    2. Spread out the time for the war camp attacks, currently they all open at 1 AM UTC-5, this is a horrible time tbh and it should be spread out so that NA has a camp, EU has a camp, etc.
    3. Remove all bubbles near ANY open world objective, this includes relic chests, war camps, and relic castles, there should be NO bubbles at any time for any reason in any of these areas. Any reason to have a bubble here is purely for exploitation. If someone logs in, inside a warcamp, they should NOT have a bubble, same for castles and near relic chests.

    I would like to also add, nilfgaard could EASILY pacify these camps right? No because they are truly contested, the only way they can actually stop attacks is by abusing an account logged out at the camp and logging in with bubble.

    Evidence of Nilfgaard abusing this:

    you can confirm via your database that the same person scheduling these attacks is also a nilfgaard member, if you cant you need a new system.

    Nilfgaard member admitting to doing this, while its being called an exploit, so knowingly exploiting.

    @Korn please make this bannable or fix it, you have a system where they can close the camp, they should be using it. They should not be using an invulnerability bubble that is granted upon logging in to stop attacks. This same guild has been doing this throughout EVERY BETA, the way I see it, you either stop them or you are supporting them.
  • They can track people using IPs from different locations to ban shared accounts and you will tell me they CANT FIND the guy using the same IP to do this?

    Nilfgard is a guild using exploits and cheats from the beggining of AO, they are the ones that find every single thing that is wrong ingame. This week they reported the expedition 130kFame thing.

  • It's not an exploit. If you click the ''attack'' or ''pacify'' buttom the bubble disappears. The fact is that they are winning every battlecamp then they send fake attacks to get to the gvg battles per day limit. I think is a good mechanic.

    If you win 4 battlecamps a day you shouldn't be attacked.

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  • Are you not the guy who was planning to contest nilfgaard with his own accounts and exploit the same bubble? How did that go? What prevented you from scheduling an attack?

    FastEddie wrote:

    I hope ur really aggressive watching those camps every day, cause now I have 3 alts sitting at them.
    [b][u]Ownage[/u][/b] (n): 1. Noun form of the verb [[i][u]own[/u][/i]]. 2. An instance in which someone or something is [u][i]owned[/i][/u].
  • You are so very wrong, it's laughable.

    You need to be in the zone for 2 minutes before you can attack/pacify the war camp. So no, you can't log in with a bubble and do what you're claiming. This is 1 guy, naked on a T3 horse, running around doing this. It costs him 120,000 (or something like that) for each attack. Rubhan wakes up in the middle of the night to do this, it's not some grand exploit that someone is abusing.

    Have you even tried doing this yourself or tried stopping others from doing this?

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  • FastEddie wrote:

    War camp exploiting is back, if you deny it you are blind or doing it yourself.
    Learn the mechanics before posting SHIT on forums.

    If you do ANYTHING, the bubble pops.
    He is not exploiting anything. All he does is throw an attack instead of pacifying - which could be even seen as dumb.
    One possible impact it has on other players is that their shitty no-show happens 4 hours later instead of on the first time-slot.

    Any monkey could log onto the same warcamps and kill ruhban on his donkey, then start a real attack.
  • Jochum wrote:

    If you use multiaccounts of yourself to protect yourself from other guilds attacks, isnt this a clear violation of the rules?

    Does that even matter anymore?

    From NDA violations going ignored, Iron Bank guys actually scamming/social-engineering toplevel devs, sbi officials deleting reddit threads, furniture being banned as weaponry (to block with) yet its eeeeeverywhere, to much much more. If theres lax/selective enforcement of the ruleset, does it then still matter if something is in clear violation of the ruleset?

    Fun to see bidlocking made it into this game also. I mean, it was to be expected, because of what system was picked for GvG attacks and how its been abused (with bidlocking) since way before this game, but why should that be even remotely relevant. Just makes me so nostalgic to see decade old systems in place, still being abused the exact same way they were initially.

    I wonder if there will be any moderation related to this. Looks to me like someone has openly stated "yes i know its a cheat and yes im doing it". If that doesnt end up yielding some sort of repercussion, then its reasonable to expect that no violations of the ruleset will incur repercussions. Like with the NDA situation, and many other.

    SBIs administration of these situations is an embarrassment and will yield more and more violations. The more you tell people that your rules are optional, the more people will start breaking them. Not exactly rocket science...
  • nobody has come out and said its a cheat... we are all telling you its NOT an exploit.

    he doesnt log his chars out in warcamps;.. theres no bubble exploit.

    the guy literally runs up to every warcamp when they are open naked.if anyone wanted to actually participate in a city GVG battle they just kill the naked guy on a T3 horse as he rides into the warcamp and claim it for themselves.

    it would take 1 T3 wearing characters to do it.