About Noobs

  • About Noobs

    once upon a time, there was a guy asking me a question, "what is noob? Who are they?"

    I answered him :

    "There are people who run a 3-5 man dungeons with 10 people or more. When you see them, that would be your answer".

    There should be a debuff for zerg, especially inside dungeons. Maybe reduce their damage or increase their damage taken or reduce the fame greatly or anything else.

    Its just ridiculous to see so many zerg inside 1 little dungeon. Bosses died within seconds. Monsters rarely seen because so many people in zergs spamming their q w e button.

    Especially in red zone dungeons.

    So yeah. Zerg need to be nerfed, Inside and outside dungeon. 3 noobs with t4 claws can easilly kill 1 skilled guy in his t7 equipments.

    While in real life, 1 adult can easily beat 3 little kids.

    I consider noobs as little kids who stick together and wreaking havoc. They need to learn some lessons.
  • So you want to make T7 even stronger than it is to a point where you can win 1 vs 3 using T7 vs T4? Yeah great idea then it makes GvG and Hellgates require expensive gear even more and gives absolutly no chance to players with lower gear.

    And about the skill perhaps these 3 T4 guys were more skilled than you. Im fact they probably were.
  • The reason for this is lack of content. People run expeditions. If they want open world - they run dungeons. There are little to no dungeons in the higher tier zones, for example in Shiftshadow you can constantly see up to 6 blobs in a single dungeon. If people would have something better to do, they wouldn't stay there. Fame gain with mobs dying every minute, with their fame divided between 10 players, is not that good anyway.