Nights Watch is Recruiting... Winter is coming

  • Nights Watch is Recruiting... Winter is coming

    Have you the courage to man the wall against the White Walkers? I assure you, sir, they are real. Are you ready to drop everything you own, leave everyone you know and take the black? The oath for the Night's Watch is no light decision. You may not marry or leave the wall. The food is barely edible. The wall is a cold, dark place 700 feet tall and 300 miles wide. Word is, East Watch needs more men ASAP for some reason, so we are recruiting.

    Night's Watch is a PVP/PVE guild in the ROT alliance. We are an active gaming community and regularly raid red and black zones in force. We gather, kill and run fame parties in areas inaccessible to most guilds. We participate in GvG fights and have been known to crash red and yellow gates. Contact our Lord Commander J0n Snow or any guild officer in game for an opportunity to join us in our adventures.

    Winter is Coming....