Sandbox for Island(paths, good looking trees and so on)

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  • Sandbox for Island(paths, good looking trees and so on)

    As there is absolutely no Sandbox in this game, why do we not have the option to modify our islands?
    Why cant we have Pathways made of Stone and Wood or gravel?
    Why cant we build simple things with ressources that we can place outside of houses on islands?
    Why are there no chests, banners, flowers, trees and other some such items that could be used to at least make a (tiny)bit of sandbox out of islands

    Why do we even have fixed and limited slots on island? This is no sandbox. Sandbox would be like "you got X amount of area, if you upgrade you get +Y area to build on. You can build whatever you want in your area" Instead of this limiting 3 spots for X and 2 Farms. +X +Y on Upgrade.
    If we could at least get the flexibility to move those limiting plots around so i would be able to place my houses next to each other and the farms too would be great.

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  • Setimu wrote:

    There are trees and decorations available from the farm merchant on the island as well as throughout the world in chests and whatnot.

    The selection is limited, but some decorative options do exist.
    Thanks for the info m8. Never had any idea that he is selling decorations.

    very limited indeed, some more wouldnt hurt the "Sandbox" part of the game, as well as freely moving building spots