Little help for little (new) guy

  • Little help for little (new) guy

    Hi guys,
    i have bought Albion like 2 weeks before launch but ofc i didnt get too much exp to know everything about game. Suddenly i stopped playing for a month and now i want to play albion as much as i can but at this point i dont know what to do. I have some T3 fire mage eq but i dont like it much. Can someone give me a little guide what is good when im playing almost alone ? And the main thing i want to know is what i should do for best moneymaking method ? Im not really interested in anything so i really dont care what it could be. Mabye someone who knows the market prices can help me or with more experience in game. I jut want to know which direction i should go now, beacuse i cant even make some silver for island upgrades etc...

    Thx for your answers and sorry for my ENG if there are some mistakes :D

    :?: :?: :?: :?:
  • I dont want to sound harsh but it seems like you are asking for people to tell you what to do. Man up! Experiment with different weapon and armour sets and find out what you find fun and go from then. Stop expecting others to script your gameplay.

    PS. your english is great ... wish i spoke a second language that well.
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