[Recruiting] - Small Town Lawyers

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    • [Recruiting] - Small Town Lawyers

      Hello, name is Saeri. I am the GM of Small Town Lawyers, a tight-knit group of friends consisting of 5 members.
      • 0% Tax - There is no need for tax in my guild. We are all friends, we share and contribute as we see fit. At 20 members I may consider a tax to help with re-gearing and re-supplying resources.
      • Thetford Guild Island - We frequent the nearby dungeons, assist with gathering, as well as share our raw materials for crafting.
      • No Pressure - As the leader, I try to guide you on an efficient path to self-accumulated wealth. My methods are not mandatory, but there to guide you if you need it.
      We are new. We are small. We'd love to have you.

      Apply in-game or send me a PM if you think you'd enjoy playing with Small Town Lawyers!