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  • Chronicles of Albion Information

    Here at Sandbox Interactive we believe the best way for players to feel a part of the story is for them to be the story, and it's always been our wish to document this through the actions and stories of the players.

    This sub-forum is intended to provide a platform for users to create their very own Albion Online blogs! You can create a thread for yourself and make each post within the thread a little creative piece with whatever you happen to want to share with the community. Other users can comment on what you’ve written, but the blog is yours and you can choose what content stays and what doesn’t – if you want a comment deleted, moderators will do that for you.


    You can rant, rave, praise, brown-nose; whatever you want to do as long as what you write doesn't break the forum rules. We want this forum to be a place where players can share their tales from Albion, whether they be towering achievements, funny stories or... cock-ups. Your overwhelming feels the first time you crafted that long sought-after T5 sword? When your guild beat a dungeon and got a world first? That time this one player bitch-slapped that other player in the market and it was way cool? Any and all stories from your adventures in Albion are welcome here!

    And of course, feel free to add videos or pictures, too.

    • Only one active blog thread per user.
    • Blogs can be commented on by anyone, but the blog owner can decide if he or she wants comments, and can have comments deleted at will.
    • Otherwise, general forum rules apply
    We think it'll just be a nice way to bring the community closer together and involve you with Albion Online as it grows and develops, and make you feel more invested in the world and what happens in it. The best entries we get will be featured on our website, so if you've got something to say, share it with everyone!


    The team