Death and Knockout Mechanics Explained

  • Death and Knockout Mechanics Explained

    It was more difficult than it should have been to figure out how the death and knockout mechanics worked,
    it didn't seem to be posted anywhere official, and I couldn't find any videos explaining it. I asked a ton of
    different people, and tested all the different aspects of it, and decided to put together my findings as clearly
    and concisely as possible. I hope this helps somebody out! <3

    Death Penalty | Albion Online Quick Tip
  • Finally a clear explanation of how this mechanic works. Well-spoken and concise. And thanks for adding real captions so people don't have to rely on the auto generated ones. Definitely helps make everything super understandable. :thumbsup:

    Albion should put this video in their official guides somewhere since they don't seem to explain deaths / knockouts very clearly. It would help a lot of people.