Gold Sellers Responisible for Raising Gold Prices

  • Gold Sellers Responisible for Raising Gold Prices

    Please fix this problem. It is obvious who is responsible for the raising gold prices if it is not in fact Albion itself that is hiking them up. Just think about it logically.

    1. Gold prices rose by 300 silver in the past week. That is more than double. Either a HUGE influx of people just happened to start playing(which has not happened) or some one with a HUGE amount of silver just decided to throw everything into gold every day or two.
    2. A normal player would not have any reason, or rather means to raise the gold prices for the intent of sell back at a higher price. As in the current population even if they all worked together could not possible make any profit out of selling, buying, and reselling simply so the prices go up so fast. The ones responsible are 100% losing silver on this deal.
    3. So who would have motive to raise gold prices at the cost of ones own silver, and own in game profit? Well obviously someone who is thinking in terms of real money. That leaves only gold sellers and Albion itself as the possible culprits. Raising silver to gold prices with no rise in drop rate silver means that people will be more inclined to buy gold or subscriptions with cash since the effort to get silver will not be worth it, and/or impossible to achieve.(depending on how high they take it). They will see it as a deal and it will become more and more desirable, as well as the fact that they can now start charging more for their product due to demand raising.
    Don't forget after reading this that they have more than doubled in a week after a slow trend upward. The slow trend is the natural player base but this 300 silver hike can only be caused by outside factors. I do hope with the crack down that Albion, should they not be personally responsible, pulls all the crooked silver and/or gold out of the game. It will have to be done and not just left alone after the sweep because prices will just stay up, and then when the sellers start new accounts, they will just keep hiking until gold is where they can max profit.
  • And paying for Premium is really almost the only 'gold sink' in the game. So when peoples' premiums comes due en masse, the way it has recently, lots of gold gets sucked out of the game world. That means the value of gold goes up.

    Conspiracies with comic book style villains are more fun, though. It's that dude with the fortress in the inactive volcano. He's manipulating gold and driving prices sky high. Because he's evil.