Remove skulls on mini-map

  • Remove skulls on mini-map

    Or, ideally, make them appear only to people who are very close to the kill.

    In Red Zones, it makes it so flagged people who get kills are getting swarmed by blue parasitic zergs who are looking for free gear. Seriously, in Creag Morr, there's like 10-15 ppl who do nothing but ride on mounts and go for recent kills in the hopes of getting bread crumbs. It's just sad to watch. Flagged folks already have it hard.

    In Black Zones, it simply shouldn't exist. We don't need unnecessary baby steps, we already have red circles and that's plenty imo.
  • Aliana wrote:

    Are you complaining're getting ganked? That's pretty rich.

    What on Earth made you think I'm asking for that because I'm getting ganked? I don't even flag in red zones. I just think it's a poor system that shouldn't exist because, get this, I actually think it's important to have flagged people roaming red zones to make them "dangerous", as they should be. Right now, it virtually never happens. If you get killed in a red zone, you're either incredibly lucky or just plain retarded. People farm on oxes there because of how easy it is. Most nodes are taken on cooldown all across Caerleon.

    As far as black zones go, I simply think skulls shouldn't be a thing, just like you don't see numbers of hostile players, etc. It should be up to players to actually scout properly, not some flashy magic marker on their minimap telling them where the danger is.

    I want the game to shed off some of this carebear nonsense that's been steadily creeping in.