[Recruitment]Shogun | T7 Caerleon | Competitive PvP | Discord | NA Prime | Low Tax

  • [Recruitment]Shogun | T7 Caerleon | Competitive PvP | Discord | NA Prime | Low Tax

    Who are we?
    Since launch, we have already grown to just over 100 members. We had to close recruitment temporarily as we took time to establish bonds with our newest members. Now that the dust has settled, we are back again to open up recruitment once more!

    What is our Goal in Albion?
    We believe it takes everyone participating as a family to be successful. Our main focus is black zone territory control, but we intend to accomplish this without forcing unrealistic requirements on our members. We also have multiple weeks of practice PvP events planned before we begin territory control, to help teach those new to Albion.

    What can we offer our members?
    • T7 Island in Caerleon
    • Lower tax (25%)
    • Equipment re-gearing
    • Merchant escorts
    • Fame runs
    • PvP practice in yellow zones
    • HGs/GvGs for all members
    Who do we want?
    While Shogun is a competitive PvP guild, we do have several members who prefer to spend their time gathering, crafting, or merchanting. We accept members of any caliber and will not push strict demands on casual players. Our officer / leadership core is knowledgeable and willing to teach others.

    What are our requirements?
    • Discord is a MUST. You will feel left out if you are not a part of our Discord community, and will eventually be removed.
    • All members must be 18+ and fluent in English.
    • All group activities (PvP or PvE) utilize Discord Voice (mic not required) for communication.
    Are there any rules?
    • Make friends and have fun
    • Do not trash talk enemies - beat them instead
    • Toxicity, Abuse, or Aggression will not be tolerated - its one thing to joke with friends, another to target someone maliciously.
    Breaking these rules will result in a guild and discord ban.

    For those interested in joining, a Discord link to join our server is provided below. An interview with leadership will need to take place before you are tagged up for Albion channels/content.
    To everyone else out there, please Albion responsibly!