[FEAR] Errant | Recruiting | 18+ NA/EU | 5% Tax | T6 Island Caerleon | PvX

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  • [FEAR] Errant | Recruiting | 18+ NA/EU | 5% Tax | T6 Island Caerleon | PvX

    Tired of high taxes, tired of handing over your resources to someone else's 5v5 team? Tired of being told what weapons you can and can't use. Then join Errant, a tax haven and social guild for the soloers and small gangs of Albion. We don't plan to own territory, but instead help find groups for Hell Gates, Expeditions, Black Zone raids, gathering, crafting and other shenanigans.

    We want you to play the game you want to play, while surrounded by other like minded Individuals. Find groups easily, create your own content and most importantly, keep your own money. Our marginal 5% guild tax goes to supporting the guild island and keeping our vendors supplied with food.

    We already have 45+ members and growing daily, Our guild island is located in Caerleon, with T6 crafters. We will continue to upgrade the island as the need arises.

    If this guild concept appeals to you please reply or message Ramshack or Xoum in game.

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    But why male models?

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  • (Not home currently but will be shortly!)

    Hey there! I'm definitely interested in this kind of setup.

    I'm a 24 year old dude from Massachusetts that's new to the world of Albion, but has over a decade of experience in MMOs. For the most part I've been trying to learn the jargon of the game while grinding up the starting zone to get the ability to make T4 everything. I can reliably sink 4+ hours into the game a day, more than enough to provide contribution to the guild, but I do have a part-time job with hours all over the place so I can't guarantee a schedule. When I do make commitments however, I stick to 'em!

    In terms of my MMO experience, I started way back in the day on Runescape (when it was the real "old school" 2d style) and well into the late 2000s until a little after the GE hit. (That's largely what brought me into this game. It feels a whole lot like someone took Runescape and EVE and smashed them together). At around the same time I played Star Wars Galaxies until that died a horrible death upon update. I've played dozens of Korean MMOs from Knight Online and Trickster, to Arche Age and Black Desert Online. I never got into WoW during it's hay-day but I did put hundreds to thousands of hours into The Old Republic.

    Aside from that, I'm a pretty chill dude that's big into Star Wars, New York Giants football, and having a beer after work.

    I dunno how the forums work in regards to the in-game client or if anything is linked, but my toon's name is Atrys.
  • We're a good group of players ranging from casual to fairly hardcore. There always seems to be good numbers on and typically everyone is together, grouped up and having fun. The tax rate is agreeable and there has been no drama to speak of which stems from the fact that members are able to play the game they want to play. Come check us out!

    10/10 would join again.

    - Bongripper