1H Holy Staff vs 2H Holy Divine Staff

  • 1H Holy Staff vs 2H Holy Divine Staff

    Hi guys I'm playing Albion from the start and I use the Holy Divine Staff. We started to do GvG and pvp by 1-2 weeks and when we talk between us, they just criticize me because i'm using it and not the 1H Holy Staff + Orb.
    I'd like to open a costructive discussion on right here to clarify my ideas.
    - Why do I use the Divine?
    Yes, the E has 30sec cd, but it works well for 2 points:
    1) 2k shield can negate a decent damage on the player and allow him to eventually jump above them and be free to survive for a while.
    2) If I cast the E on me, or a close allied, I can exploit the aoe heal to give an help to everyone.

    Okay, you can tell me the 1H Holy Staff can provide a better "save ass" with a friend, but I feel like it lacks a way to cover the rest of the party.

    Give me your impressions, I'm still ready to change my build just to fit the best thing, but I must find some valid reasons!

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  • One handed Holy staff is great for 5v5 (GvG and smal dungeon groups) But Devine is great for ZvZ fights due to the burst heal.

    The one handed Holy staff can be played with the Orb or a shield, both are equally good. But it all comes down to your Healing power and how good you can react. If you are like me, a shield is more advicable.

    to come right down too it, I love the Devine Staff, but you are what they call a slow healer with it. Your burst is either on time or too late.

    The greater holy staff in that case is a way better option, but its Mana hungry.

    Lastly the builds I cant really help because they currently change on a weekly basis.

    If you really want tips, check the characterbuilder from Albion Page for tips and tricks:

  • If you really believe something works, try it out in yellow hell gates with a team that is coordinating over voice.
    Disadvantages of the 2H divine:
    - As mentioned, shield can be purged.
    - Putting the shield on you, absolutely bad idea. You as healer should mostly keep distance. Being with shield without serious danger or to support your team ends up putting you in terrible spot.
    - the disadvantage of every 2H: you are unable to use Eye of Secret or Any Shield. This can also affect the armors that you will have to use.

    Most stuff can work if you make a comp that works around it. Figuring it out is the rough part.
  • I personally use the Divine staff but I can why people dont like it, the shield does not have its own armor or magic res so even tho the shield is blocking 2k dmg its not the same as giving someone 2k more hp. and no shield or orb is an issue, but I find the hefty heal of the Q in combination of a well timed shield so I can get back mana or top people off is very strong in hellgates and pvp. For long sustained fights like GvG I can see why not having an orb would be an issue.
  • Honestly yesterday I've been playing 1h and orb in Dungeon, and then in hellgates, I've to say right now I feel much confident with the Divine one. The aoe heals allowed me to keep alive the party more than once, and the shield helped me to negate some early stupid damage on the hot targets.
    I'm still going to play some expd, gates or similiar with the 1h, but right now I can't feel it more useful than the Divine, even with low E cd
  • Midov wrote:

    Divine staff is horrible
    If you want to use 2h staff you should be using Great Holy Staff instead
    Explosion has better heal range, is way more reliable and gives you some nice utility with long knockback.
    For any kind of competetive 5v5 you want 1h with orb for mana, not for its 'E' skill.
    Did u just played the Great Holy? in 5vs5 each time I do HG with guild, healers with great holy just get shotted once they use this skill, since yes, it knock away the melee, but not the ranged. channeling spells are never worth
  • Gauloise wrote:

    Hello guys,
    ı just posted a build ad tried to explain divine staff benefits there
    Give it a a look and share your comments

    Well mate, i've to be honest, this build looks interesting.. I'll try it asap.. Anyway I think that Mage robe makes you too much squishy (since u have not cleanse too) so I'd pref Cleric or Scholar - anyway gonna try.
    Btw, in pvp i pref the 1st passive on the weapon instead of the second one you used!
  • I like the divine mostly. The thing about the E spell on the great holy is you are stuck there casting it and also broadcasting to the enemy exactly where you are ... and will be for the next few seconds. the shield you can keep moving and cast on anyone with divine. The way I counter the slow cast time is use 1-2 auto attacks after I use my Q spell with mana regen on the auto attack. I almost never run out of mana. I like the mage robe, but I kind of like the cleric robe for the invulnerability / attack/heal power boost spell it has. For shoes, I like the knight boots for the charge shield, but that dodge roll is a good argument and probably more popular.