Map/Dungeon size & quantity

  • Map/Dungeon size & quantity

    I Have a great idea on how to stabilize Albion Onlines concurrent population decrease!

    1. Double or triple the size of the world map.
    2. Double or triple the amount of group and solo dungeons.
    3. add a population cap to alliances OR implement an Alliance Tax directly towards the leader of the alliance. X amount per every player over 300 for example.
    4. Add T8 Resources to Black zone maps (outside of territories).
    5. Have Enchanted resource bonuses % alternates between Anglia, Mercia, And Cumbria in order to evenly disperse resources and encourage travel instead of feeding Money guild and other mercia territory alliances. (this would better balance gear gaps between ALL guilds even small guilds).

    These 5 Changes in my guilds opinion would make the game much better. Playing as the guild leader of a more small-scale guild with around 10 hardcore actives and an additional 7-8 Casuals, we all agree that these 5 changes would bring big change for small groups of players. It is unfortunate to see large guilds receive special treatment from mods and other developers even. I believe in Albion lets make Albion great again!
  • Hey, I have a great idea, let's make the world feel dead, and make the big guilds like money guild conquer each BZ continent..

    Your great idea, mister, sounds to me just like 2nd beta test. It did not work, not even close..

    Don't get why people complain so much about small scale OW PVP being undoable. Me and my friends do BZ 3 man ganks every now and then. I have yet to experience not earning good money on it. Let the big guild burn them self out with hardcore playing and slavery.. It won't last long..
    "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"
    - Shigeru Miyamoto
  • Yes i agree these big zerg guilds will die down overtime, and small scale ganking squads are deffinetly viable at this point in time too! however its in my personal opinion that having a larger map and more than 4 T7 dungeons in the game would be beneficial, i do enjoy PvP, however, i feel like PvP is not hard to find. between hellgates, GvG's and ganking in prime locations. i even enjoy PvP mid group dungeon however i would like to get some fame before getting zerged by 40 man groups in the 5 man dungeons. Again, in my opinion adding some more dungeons and zones could really help small groups.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion too.

    i also think beta 2 map was better.

    During BETA 2 my small guild of 10 pushed into Echo of silence territories and even into their home territory because resources were not farmed nearly as much and the spread on Enchanted resources was a lot wider. we were easily able to hold and defend multiple territories because gear gaps were smaller between large guilds and small guilds. I'm not sure how much you played into BETA 2 but i had a lot of time invested in it.

    Do you remember how long it took to get the "Repair all" button implemented? i think the problem here is the staff is short handed and don't really know what to do next. the only thing i can do to help at this point is give suggestions on here. I wish i could help in other ways.

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  • Tottaly get you mate! I'd also like to have more 5 man dungeons of high tier. Probably just 2 or 3 more, but more importantly, make them unique, and make them a lot bigger. Make 10 floor, not 3, damn, make it 100 floors like mystery dungeon.. This way it would be possible to flag up in them without getting zerged.
    If every floor could be unique you would have a hundred floors to experience while you grind your profession. Would be some work getting it doen, but I do think that visual appearances is something more easily created in this game..

    The issue with red zone dungeons atm. Is that they are so crowded that there isn't really a danger of getting killed there. At least not by less than 50 flagged. But yet there is still mobs enough for good fame there..
    "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"
    - Shigeru Miyamoto