Burgenvold - Looking for an alliance

  • Burgenvold - Looking for an alliance

    I'll keep things fairly simple.

    We, at Burgenvold, are looking for an alliance to join. We're 8 players, all dedicated to PvP. We mostly do HGs and OpenWorld PvP, but we don't mind doing dungeons (fame is fame), as long as people gear up for a fight. We're not looking to merge or join any existing guild. We're self-sufficient on our own. We're merely looking for an alliance to join so we have more people to group with when a few of us aren't on and it's a bit dead on our end.

    We don't care if you have territories or no. We're not here to leech. We won't ask for gear or favors. All we want from an alliance is a few more capable players to play with. In return, they get a small guild of dedicated PvPers who know what they're doing and will help them kill people.

    If you feel like it might interest you, feel free to contact Vuldmog or myself (Ulfnaor).