The premium report

  • Kclikola wrote:

    AngryOldGamer wrote:

    The next six months to a year will be telling. If there are no signifigant improvents in a year, I'll stop premium. Worst comes to worse, i'm out what $120 bucks over a year.
    You clearly never played f2p apps on mobile.People are willing to spend 100$ per month on those games and never even blink, now try and complain here about a set Premium.

    Any way. Like Stravanov said. To get the silver to pay for premium in nothing in this game. You really have to mess up to not get it. (No pun intended)

    I understand what you're saying. I have played P2W games before. And I know some people have no issue dropping even thousands of dollars on the games. Anyway, I wasn't complaining.
  • When playing the game try to come up with 2.8+mill in one month.. That when you don't have to worry [and it's possible to do so]

    Why 2.8mill? that might be the price in the end who knows.
    Random dungeon
  • Time for another report.

    Gold has increased since last time. Current gold value = 544 silver.

    T6 expedition grind
    With current gold prices, it you will make enough silver to purchase premium in 143 T6 expeditions
    This takes 35,8 hours for a mediocre group

    Focus conversion
    With current AH prices, I can create a new character and convert my focus into 36466 silver per day
    This covers 80% of premium costs

    If you sell all your focus at this pretty mediocre rate, you have to grind 28 expeditions to pay the remaining 20% of premium cost. This will take you 7 hours.

    Conclusion: Currently, premium is still Super cheap (as in you can pay for it with passive income from 10 minutes of gameplay per day plus one expedition)
  • Please note that the focus conversion I'm using is pretty random. Its the method I used to convert focus when I didn't know anything about the game. I'm using this number, since it's probably where most newbies will end up using their focus for the first few months. You can get much better returns on your focus with a bit of research.