Roleplayers, Join us!

    • Autumnal Update 2:

      Albion RolePlay Alliance (ARPA):
      Rangers of Celidon, Equestrian Imperial Guard, and Guardsmen, have formed an alliance especially for roleplay guilds.

      The alliance, the Albion RolePlay Alliance (ARPA), is open to any guild interested in roleplaying, new or old.

      There is a new discord server for ARPA and any roleplayer in any other guild.

      Roleplayers Click Here to Join the Discord Server

      Even if you are not in an ARPA guild, you can still join and chat with other roleplayers and find out about / create your own events.

      • The Ironguard reformed as Guardsmen to overcome a few technical issues with game mechanics.
      • Several more roleplaying guilds have joined ARPA; Steelhide Brigands, and Tooth and Nail.

      Other News:
      The tavern in Caerleon is temporarily closed. Thank you to everyone who was interested. I would like to re-explore the idea in the future in a more newbie accessible location. There was a good amount of interest, but the location was off-putting for some because it meant they couldn't have their roleplay alts easily reach the tavern. It's also less than ideal that it is a members-only island rather than a public open-world location.. another game mechanic limiting us, but not the end of the world.

      You do not need to be in a roleplay guild (although it helps) to roleplay. Just use /say and /emote as your character would as if it was in a story.
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      Looking for a Roleplay Guild? Seek out the Guardsmen!
    • As I have not seen it posted here yet, I will go ahead and let people know.

      ARPA has created a group of "Seers," of which I am the lead Seer. Much like UO's Seers, I create adventures (One-shot), stories (three or more adventures connected together) , and individual Roleplay events (i.e. spur of the moment hunting expeditions or guarding people on the roads) for the people of ARPA. As I am the Head Seer, I encourage anyone who is interested in joining us to go ahead and join the ARPA Discord and discuss it with me.

      I try to have at least one adventure per week, so it is a little difficult coming up with original content, but I really encourage people to give me ideas or suggestions for new ones. I also will be starting work on the "Grand Quest," which will be a series of interconnected stories (three or more adventures connected together.) This Grand Quest will, possibly, be open to all Roleplayers who wish to get involved and it won't be limited to just ARPA, as I know that there are RP'ers who are part of Non-RP guilds for different reasons.

      Just a PSA! Keep on Roleplaying!
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    • Borneas schrieb:

      Hey, Guardsmen and Rangers of Celidon are great, but where's the villainous RP guild which goes around doing the opposite of these two and PKi'ng everyone am I right?
      Not that I want that of course.
      That is a great idea, and as an individual or as a guild would be welcomed as part of ARPA.

      If it is something you are interested in doing, as an individual or a guild, consider joining the ARPA discord server to coordinate efforts. :thumbup:

      ARPA Discord:
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      Looking for a Roleplay Guild? Seek out the Guardsmen!
    • Just as a question, would there be any interest in me posting the ARPA adventures on a separate forum post? Obviously, this would still be my primary Roleplay discussion, but I would kindly ask everyone not to add any replies to the page, just so people can stay up to date about the quests I would post. I'm honestly curious as to how many Roleplayers there are outside of ARPA and would like to give them some quests and Roleplay starts as well.

      Cause us RP'ers gotta look out for each other, am I right? :thumbup:
      Just a Roleplayer who dabbles in writing and the occasional battle.