The ability to give items names

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  • The ability to give items names

    Now of course something like this could already exist in the game, but I have seen nothing of it yet. Anyways, I think it would be a neat addition when a player creates a masterpiece bloodletter and they can name it however they so desire. Of course, there is a few issues upon doing this since most cases people craft a bulk of items, but it can simply be resolved by allowing the individual who crafted it give it a name at anytime they so desire (and possibly have it where that if another item has already been given the same name the person is making it should force them to choose a different name, but I am not sure about that idea).

    Another way to name items is through conditions, which can be required to be met before being able to give an item a name. For example, a holy staff can only be named after a certain amount of healing has been done to use it (which will be complicated to make that work). Essentially, it can allow a form of investment for a player and can act as a reward for that player who has spent a long time with that item. Now there is a few issues with that idea, but I think it could be something interesting to implement into the game since it can create weapons of the same tier and enchantment levels, but giving them different value because of how legendary their name is and what not.

    Edit: Should of tossed this into the item ideas portion of the feedback section woops.

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