[Recruiting] Kudzu LF officers/members

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    • [Recruiting] Kudzu LF officers/members

      Hello there!

      [Kudzu] is a new guild looking for members at the moment! We are a global guild, I myself is from Australia but I am active + always on discord.

      THE MAIN OBJECTIVE is to have a guild hall in each of the large cities, forming into 1 alliance. This will allow members to travel to different cities YET ABLE to use the buildings, saving them time and silver.

      We have just started a few days ago and we are planning to grow rapidly! This guild is for people who like to PVP/Gather/Crafting/Ganking. We will establish hellgates group and GvG groups in the future. Right now, we are focused on building our community, we are willing to help anyone, whether if you are new or a veteran in Albion.

      • We Are located in Bridgewatch. We have a secondary t4 Island for our black zone gatherers to store and use the farming plots. In addition, we have a T5 Cook and T5 Butcher. The reason why we are located in Bridgewatch for now is to grow our community before we make a switch to Caerleon, for end gamers. In this case, we plan to dominate the red zone territories before migrating to black zone to gain the best experience.
      • We have a 5 percent tax. This is to help us build our guild buildings. We PLAN to make our tax 0% once the buildings have been established.
      • We are willing to gear up our gatherers/gankers to some extent. But again, the more contribution/donation, the more we can gear you up!
      • We use discord. No mumble, no skype, just discord. This is to keep our guild as organize as possible.
      • We have built a google document to show our crafters/gatherers and tiers. This is to help members locate other members to help them craft or refine!
      • We will conduct Black Zone farming groups (to try prevent dying while gathering from OOPS/Red/etc)
      Right now, we are looking for anyone to join! This will help us build our community! If you are interested in a leadership role, we are open :) :saint:

      Please Message me in game or message me below. Diakor
      In discord: Diakor#8018

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