[- New Players -] Looking For An Adult, No Drama / Demanding Guild?

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  • [- New Players -] Looking For An Adult, No Drama / Demanding Guild?

    Gamers New To Albion Online

    A T5 Guild Island in Fort Sterling, Solid Advice, Free Gear, Fun Groups and Events, Comradare

    Albion Online is best enjoyed when you are surrounded with people that you can get along with. For many older gamers that means finding a guild that offers active gameplay without the drawbacks of drama queens, demanding leaders that force you to meet their requirements, etc. Imagine a world where you can login to the game, hang out with other adults, play co-op in an expedition / hellgate / gathering / fame (XP) farming in a relaxed environment.

    We believe that enjoying each other's company is the BEST part of the game regardless if your focus is PvP, Gathering, Crafting, etc.

    Won't you join us?

    <The Peasants Are Revolting>

    What to Expect from Being A Member:
    1) We have Fame, Hellgates, and Groups on a daily basis (with our alliance).
    2) A friendly community w/ active discord and players at all times of the day

    What The Guild Expects from YOU:
    1) Contribute to the community in your own way.
    2) Contribute to the guild and the alliance. Participate!
    3) Join Discord and hang out.

    Contact HooksCook in game.

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