New guild

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  • Hello everyone, my name is Siegfried and my name in Albion Online is SiegfriedHolySSL. I have created a guild called Shadows of Horizon. Feel free to check us out or join us, It's currently just me and I am looking for people to join us or alliances to be made. We are a PvE focused guild with some PvP action. Please check our Discord and Enjin. Links are provided below. Thank you for reading. As of now, our discord is mostly made with few adjustments to be made and the Enjin site is brand new with lots of editing to be done.
    I am looking for players from casual to experienced and English is recommended. I currently have a guild island in the process of being upgraded and built that is stationed in Bridge watch. Age requirement is 17+ but exceptions can be made that are depending on your ability to be mature.…309442/352276470304997389