Looking for Group System/Menu

  • Looking for Group System/Menu


    I am a casual solo player of Albion Online doing mostly YHG. The LFG process can be very irritating and harder that it suppose to be :S
    Numerous spams in the /lfg chat, whispers all around, miscommunication about the destination and even false equipment information by some players.

    So It would be a great addition to the game experience to have a LFG menu where you can set your
    1. role (dps, tank, healer) along with
    2. the region and
    3. the adventure you are interested in (Blue-Y-R-Black-HG, Dungeon, Openworld Adventures, Gathering etc).
    The system will automatically post your equipment and power level as well as the info you have provided. I imagine that it can be similar to the Marketplace menu with different filters. With that system whoever is creating or looking for a group it can find the suitable comrade for each case.

    How that sounds to you? Would that be helpful for other players?
    Let me know your thoughts.

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  • I like your idea, it sounds like it would be very helpful for PUGs of all shapes and sizes.
    You could also add a filter to only look for players in your alliance / guild / friends list in order to find trusted players for loot pvp areas.

    Unfortunately SBI has a very poor track record for quality of life changes through the years of betas, so I would be very surprised if such a system gets implemented any time soon despite being a very good suggestion.

    I hope they start proving me wrong.
  • I think the biggest mistake they made during the years of betas was drastic huge changes every time there was an issue, game would be much better if they just made small adjustments to original game. Every new beta was almost like a completely different game.

    Small adjustment, watch for a while, another small adjustment, repeat until satisfied.
  • Fooky wrote:

    I'd add comment section also.
    "I'm in gatherer gear but will change to 8.3 frost mage when group starts"
    A comment section could be very useful indeed.

    I am sure that this feature wont be added anytime soon because developers have their own schedule for updates. I just wanted to put this idea out there. Who knows maybe if enough players want this feature it will be added sooner rather than later.

    So to sup up. We need a LFG/LFM menu with filters with the following information as input.
    1. Role
    2. Region
    3 Adventure
    4. General comments