So sick of this lag

  • So sick of this lag

    It's extremely hard to solo pvp in this game to begin with to also have to deal with the absurd lag. Hell, even during group pvp its hard to catch people as they lag across the screen. I'm constantly at 49-55 ping so I know it's not on my end. It also only happens as soon as you try to engage someone in pvp. They will be frozen in place then instantly teleports ontop of you, or will insta mount away. Its been too long now to have this kind of lag. Things have gotten better with server stability since launch, but this lag is still making a core part of this game extremely hard to play. I realize that being DDOS'd every day is rough, but can only ride that excuse for so long. EVERY other company finds a way around it (by paying the hackers or protective measures) its time you stop with the excuses and put fixes through fast.

    - Unhappy player