Battlegrounds | Instanced arenas to fight opponents

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  • Battlegrounds | Instanced arenas to fight opponents

    Albion should introduce a new feature called Battlegrounds. (taken from World of Warcraft)

    How it works

    You basically queue up as solo or team up with members and fight for nodes just like a GvG.It should be risk free meaning you don't loose gear or silver if you die and also there should be a mmr system and players should be able to see leaderboards.

    Not time consuming for developers

    I don't think this would take long to make since all you have to do is take the GvG gamemode and implement a queue system just like expeditions to it. It could also be expanded to allow 10 vs 10 on a bigger scaled map.

    Benefits for new players trying PvP

    It will encourage low-tier players to try out PvP and be queue'd agaisnt people that wears the same gear as they do because right now if a new player wants to do some pvp he has to go to yellow zone where people can just be bullies and bring t6.2 gear and the soft item power cap can't do shit.

    Rewards for winning Battlegrounds

    Also the rewards for those should be pretty low and overall feel grindy because we don't want people to prioritize battlegrounds over red zone or black zone.
    Rewards could be cosmetic like a new avatar, a new frame for your avatar, new clothes with new colors and stuff like that. Cosmetics rewards only is the way to go :p