Looking for a guild with discord

  • Looking for a guild with discord

    I'm a relatively new player who enjoys this game alot and plans to keep playing for a long while.

    My build is steered towards refining, but since i have had to play solo i am also making progress in gathering.
    I use plate armor

    I'm looking for a social guild that uses discord. I dont care alot about the taxes, it just dosent have to be super high
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  • WildFlame - N.A. Timezones | Active small guild | PvX | Caerleon & Martlock Guildhalls | Daily Expeditions, Chest Runs, HGs, etc | Discord

    We are a multiplayer family-friendly gaming community. We’re friendly people and we like to play games—usually together.
    In Albion we're an active small guild looking to grow. We accept all players new/experenced etc.

    What we are about
    • We're PvX meaning PVE & PVP (you do what you like, you play what you like)
    • We have guild halls in Martlock & Caerleon
    • T5 crafting available on member islands
    • Daily group expeditions (PVE)
    • Farming groups happening in all zone levels
    • Regular group chest/dungeon runs in red & black zones
    • Regular group hellgate runs (currently in yellow zones)
    • We're looking for active members that are just looking to have fun
    • Discord is required for group events. You don't have to talk, but be there to listen and participate.
    • No forced guild donations

    What timezones are we active the most?
    • Timezone: North American range from east to pacific. You will find members online almost 24/7
    • Our peak member periods are currently:
    - 8pm - 6am UTC
    - 4pm - 1am Eastern
    - 3pm - 12am Central
    - 1pm - 10pm Pacific

    Useful links
    • Invite link to this discord server: <discord.gg/nbS2DTx>
    • Official website: <wildflame.net>
    • Forum: <forum.wildflame.net>
    • Steam: <steamcommunity.com/groups/WildFlame_>