Devs can we? Cities, and Map movement/Add

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  • Devs can we? Cities, and Map movement/Add

    Dear Devs
    I do not know much about the ability to change the map but if it possible i would highly recommend it. I would like a Dev response about how possible these changes are without creating whole content updates. I tried to use existing mechanics to come up with these ideas to hopefully keep implementation simple.

    Changing the map doesnt even have to be too significant. I know many people would like to see the 3rd resource of each location dropped or become less common.
    I like this thought but it is unnecessary if you are willing to expand the map. i would love to see a second black city appear right now the map is a bulls eye with Caerleon in the center... i would love to have 2 more black cities moved to the outer banks and add some map tiles in.

    For map tiles i would say the best option is to add more red and yellow. the blue expanses are just too much right now. no one plays in there now that launch is past they are very open. I would turn half of blue into yellow. and i would add red tiles so that they move out from their current location to divide each sector/biome and respective outlying city apart. Furthermore i would love a few black tiles to make it into the Royal lands even if its only for periods of time while an event were to occur a few black squares could move in for a week or two... or have events where aggressive mob spawn rates triple to create more danger between cities.

    at the end of the day i would love to know how much ability we have to change some parts of the map, if it is not too hard to put new tiles in between other sections(by just relocating entry to the gates to a new tile on each end) if this is possible i would set about creating new tiles or recycling some tiles from beta. Having tiles that could change the map every week move 3 tiles or so, would keep people on their toes.

    another note on map tiles, i know some map tiles have sections that have indicators with higher spawns of certain resources.. can we make some more of these? areas like this are perfect for drawing in more aggressive gathering, or PVP possible gatherers. Another thing that could come with having extra tiles laying about, have an event where all nodes spawn half as often except for a few zones with 50-66% respawn times draw people in to fight.

    finally a bit off topic while im thinking about it, can we start thinking about balancing resources gains.. i think some low end spawns are too fast, and the collection times for T4 and below are almost instant.

    One more piece off topic In yellow zones i really think we could use a resource sink, if yellow stays the way they are T5 possible, i think when knocked out each piece of gear could have 5-10% chance of trashing. If not then i think Yellow zones could be changed to T4 being the highest nodes and drop blues back to T3 top end.

    Final option would be to add a green zone that would be the Yellow zones now except with T4 top out, and move T5 nodes to The new yellow where we could hit harder on durability losses, or as said before add 5-10 maybe even up to 15- 20% trash rates.