Roadmap Update: Joseph, Kay & Beyond

  • How to fix the Arena:

    • Have an Entry Fee of around 20,000 silver per player entering (100k per team)
    • Make it full loot with normal 50% trash levels
    • Make it so the sign ups spawn randomly in the Black Zone
    • Have it announced that it is spawning in global with zone name 10 mins prior to spawn. (This will promote open work pvp)

    It would basically be a newbie siege camp.
  • I wished pve update came first, but hey! this is a pvp game so I guess I understand the priority.

    Get in motion devs, this game is rapidly getting old for me :S
    Remove reroll.
    Up Item trashing chance
    Limit item repairs by quality

    BTW: how's your market holding up?
  • Celludriel wrote:


    Couldn't you outsource the implementation of just the Guild QoL to a team of consultants guided by one inhouse lead developer. That way you won't use up permanent company employees and get this very important and way to late feature into the game ? I believe in the end this will safe you more money and resources then if you keep pushing back the QoL. You might lose customers or burn existing customers out keeping it way until late next year, then biting the bullet and let an external team develop it for you.

    Just how my developer mind thinks I guess ?
    then have bad code corrupting everything... mmm that is typical not a dev mind, rather looks like an investor brainless decision xD
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  • I have to say that i actually expected more of these upcoming patches.

    Vortech wrote:

    Where are the logs? Where are the ranks? Where are the permissions? Where are the statistics? How about guild banks or vaults? Where is there mention of Guild Auction House improvements, permission, and or control?
    I would like to add few points and correctives to this great list Vortech has done. These should been done before release.
    • Crafting request system
    • Guild coins (for reward system)
    • Guild perks
    • Large guild bank with customable tabs and permissions
    • Every contribution and whitdraw trackable

    Korn wrote:

    Guild quality of life changes are right at the top of our to do list for the first post-launch update.

    The first things we want to work on here are a guild storage with configurable tabs, combined with customizable guild roles.

    More details will follow soon.

    We also hate the fact that the above features are not already in the game. The reason for this is that they take a crazy amount of time implement, and prior to release, hence had too much competition from gameplay related features that you could be implemented in a shorter amount of time.

    Having said that, one feature that we consider to be a little part of guild quality of life, which of course also helps the game in general, is the item stacking feature we recently implemented. This should make logistics a bit easier already, and is a pre-requisite for stuff like tabbed guild banking to have the maximum impact.
    Link ^

    Not at first, not at second, maybe at third update? I understand this matter would take time, but it is really important and guilds really struggles with current tools. ||
  • Axolotl wrote:

    Hello everyone,

    With launch behind us, it is time to shred a light on the future of Albion Online. Find out more in our brand-new roadmap update!

    Do note that dealing with the current lag and connectivity issues remains our top priority!

    - Enya
    i came to this game because FULL LOOT SANDBOX.... :/ 3v3 arenas 2v2 arenas maybe... 5v5? if the rewards make you silver it will ruin open world pvp. this is supposed to be sandbox? more instanced pvp that isnt full loot :/ feelsbadman
  • - wrote:

    We also hope to include territory raiding in the Kay update. Territory raiding allows players to steal some of the owning guild's reward points income. By killing all the guards in a watchtower territory, thus replacing them with their own 'racketeers' which need to be cleared by the owning guild to return the territory to full productivity.
    The whole of the black zones being already handed over to a handful of over powered alliances it only makes more sense to reinforce their domination over whatever smaller entities try to survive there. Good job. Encouraging more zerg and giving even more to larger structures while pushing smaller groups away from BZ. I guess that the arenas are some sort of consolation prize for those who'll never see the shores of Anglia, Cumbria or Mercia? Keep it up guys, you're doing great. And well done on setting your priorities, I'm on board with the larger group of people here thinking that you've got them all wrong.
  • @Korn @Bercilak

    thx for the update :thumbsup: some choices I do not agree but appreciate the effort and understand the long time to dev

    I have a best improvement to suggest, just one line of coding, please read here (it's a short thread)

    one line to modify in tos, and I will be able to satisfy my ambidextrous schizophrenia :D

    laws that forbid harmless things are bad laws, please take time to consider ;)
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  • Well, for me the future ain't seems that aspiring, maybe rather dissapointing but gonna stick to it and see how it progresses.

    My biggest concern is that you go in a direction focused more on becoming a MOBA/Lobby based fighting-combat game and not on actually being a sandbox mmorpg. The ideal for me would be to have a balance, as I like both these types. But nowhere I see adding more meaningful features, more activities for players to do. More exploration, making the world feel more alive. More RPing tools, more immersion. I was just hoping that it'd have a mere UO direction. I think that you could combine both but seems like you are focusing more on the first aspect that I've described...

    There is far too much focus on GvGs too, which arguably is the endgame PvP and it definitely needs monitoring, but atm like only 5% of the playerbase have access to it. As I've read you want to expand that, but make it like what, 15%..?

    Also would be nice to have 2v2's and 3v3s ranked arenas.

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  • lustweed wrote:

    @Korn @Bercilak

    thx for the update :thumbsup: some choices I do not agree but appreciate the effort and understand the long time to dev

    I have a best improvement to suggest, just one line of coding, please read here (it's a short thread)

    one line to modify in tos, and I will be able to satisfy my ambidextrous schizophrenia :D

    laws that forbid harmless things are bad laws, please take time to consider ;)

    @Korn @Bercilak

    indeed i have 2 of those xD here is the second one, just one value to change for big improvment, not to all device, but a fair % i guess (short thread too)

    thx :thumbup:
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  • Such an underwhelming road map.

    Man, I genuinely hate bitching on the forums but real talk, I would've rather waited another year for the game to be completed than have the current unfinished/broken iteration of the game. There are a plethora of issues still needing to be addressed not limited to:
    • Horrifyingly bad UI - A complete turn off for any sort of support class.
    • Absolutely zero guild functionalities/QOL changes - AO has been in beta/alpha testing for ~2 years and you can't even implement a simple logging system for chests? Are you kidding me?
    • Arenas - So this pretty much means Hellgates/open world/full loot pvp activities are gunna lose all activity.. Not only is this going to be godamn terrible for crafting/economy because there's going to be no gear sink, but this kills the entire vibe of the game. If people want to play fucking instanced arena games, there's literally 82918192891 other games out there where you can do your little safe arenas. Hell, there's already "safe arenas" (yellow hell gates) but hey, woohoo for carebearism I guess.
    • The thing that irks me the most is that the dev blog says "omgosh NOW we really see the necessity to optimize the game for large scale battles" - WHAT THE FUCK? - Haven't extremely large scale battles been going on since the inception of this game?! Why wasn't this a priority? Why would epic castle battles not be a main focus for your team? Isn't the godamn loading/log in screen of Albion Online an epic picture of an epic castle fight featuring a ZERG VS ZERG?:


    I understand; you're a small company, you're getting DDoSed w/e. But it's fucking week 7, the servers are still unplayable at times, no combat balances in sight, zero depth to PvE, etc. It's such a shit show and a giant disappointment. You had such a massive and successful launch but managed to botch it while knowing the numbers behind the scenes, you have such a dedicated player base who supported you for years testing and providing feed back but most of it has fallen on deaf ears. At this point I can't take anything that's said/posted to heart - because the execution on so many things has been abysmal.

    So many of us want to like Albion, so many of us want to play our hearts out, but in a month or two - There's gunna be hardly any population left, people are already quitting so I guess the world map is gunna feel "bigger" again.
  • 4 years into development... you managed to add a click-right on a name in chat to report... but couldn't be bothered to add a 3rd option to invite to party.

    You always talk about QoL as a priority, after more than 2 years you gave in to acknowledge the fact that refining a stack of high tier resources was a waste of 15min... same for crafting. Can we expect another 2 years for a solution to farming?
    For a company that says you value the time of the players (or at least that what could be understood from the statements in regards to the casual players) there are a lot of useless/pointless time-sinks in the game.
    How hard could it be to add a note tab for each individual player in a guild, that could be edited by the GM and RHs... there's a huge amount of small things that lack from the game, a "final" release game.

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  • Well. I'm trying hard to root for this game, but this is yet another case of a studio who had a bold vision when the game was still in alpha/beta and then went... full carebear mode when the mainstream money started pouring in.

    A lot of us backed your game for one main reason: full-loot sandbox(ish) PvP.

    It's pretty simple. Pretty straightforward. Vast openworld, with PvP and full-loot. Okay, you can have some blue and red zones (I still maintain yellow are a waste and have been detrimental to actually getting people to PvP), but the core focus of the game was to be on OpenWorld PvP with full-loot.

    Yet, here we are. The next two major updates have virtually nothing to do with openworld, PvP or full-loot. It's all about extra PvE content (more expeds! more dynamic mobs! hell, even ELiTe expeds, watch out), arenas, instanced GvG stuff, mobs invading territories (lol), etc.

    I'm sorry, SBI, but it's starting to look a lot like you sold us backers a certain idea (small guilds being able to take and hold territories, openworld PvP being the driving force of the game, etc.) and now you've come full circle and you're just trying to appeal to the content-starved zerglings before they depart from this world and go back to their themeparks (be it WoW, GW, TERA, BDO, what have you).

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