Roadmap Update: Joseph, Kay & Beyond

  • Celludriel wrote:


    Couldn't you outsource the implementation of just the Guild QoL to a team of consultants guided by one inhouse lead developer. That way you won't use up permanent company employees and get this very important and way to late feature into the game ? I believe in the end this will safe you more money and resources then if you keep pushing back the QoL. You might lose customers or burn existing customers out keeping it way until late next year, then biting the bullet and let an external team develop it for you.

    Just how my developer mind thinks I guess ?
    Unfortunately not. The guild QoL stuff touches some of the most complex code of the game (rights management, data tracking and storage, etc) which only our best coders can actually work on.

    Where we can, we do use outsourcing though. For example, the killboard, character builder and general website development is largely done by an external company.
  • Korn wrote:

    Nyhz wrote:

    5on5 Arena? Really?

    - Instanced PvP.
    - U get matched and instantly teleported.
    - Can't lose your gear

    Do I hear carebear content? Do I?
    It's about risk vs reward.
    Arena rewards will be largely cosmetic, and will not be able to replace or compete with open world rewards in the slightest.
    I approve this feature because this finally will allow me to train pvp over and over and over until I'm ready for blackzone HG
  • No combat balance for another 4-6 weeks, game performance only a priority in Kay (end of the year), next to no guild QoL changes. Ya, I think I'm out...


    You can say whatever you want about the prioritization of guild QoL but at this point there is really no excuse. Sure, delaying the arena for guild QoL now might make no sense but why did it come this far in the first place? You constantly pointed out that guild QoL was one of your top priorities but apparently no work has been done on it at all. I understand other issues or development challenges can come up but that really just shows that you did not prioritize guild QoL.

    You've just been consistently shitting on your core group of founders that have stuck with you all this time.
  • PreacherFU wrote:

    Severely disappointment. All things in roadmap are in essence unambitional gradual improvements. Where are the truly NEW things?

    Wheres Fishing?
    Wheres shipbuilding, sea exploration and travel?
    Where are new continents and types of zones?
    Where are new crafting and weapon trees?
    Where are expansion of personal/guild isle building and customization mechanics?
    Where is rewamp of farming?
    Where are World Wonders?
    Where are "Research" projects and new "Scientist" proffession?
    Where are immersion and roleplaying features, taverns and bards class?
    Where are Dragons?
    Where is Werewolf/Vampire race gameplay option for players?
    Where is religions and Gods, worship and Priest proffession, virtues and religious karma?
    Where is formations and ritual magic?
    Where are map editors for customized dungeons and zones?
    Where is operable magic mechas and siege tanks?
    Where are tamable pokemons?
    Where are... well i am getting bit too far, but you get the point.
    Same feeling, not really into looking forward to some fixes and improvements, something what should've been more focused on in the beta phase imo. New content is what gets people hyped up for updates, not only these small improvements (Besides some vanity items?). Only ''new'' feature will be casual arena's. Seems like Albion won't change a lot in the next 6 months before they will focus more on the PvE aspect.
  • Rivano12 wrote:

    Seems like Albion won't change a lot in the next 6 months before they will focus more on the PvE aspect.
    Agreed and this scares me. I invest my time in albion as game of choice in hope that it`ll be game for many years, that gradually expands and becomes deeper, more content rich and eventually proper sandbox game. However current roadmap is "maintenance" map, not "development" one.

    Boys, be ambitious! Devs at least could promise us golden mountains and chocolate rivers in their promo posts. Even if they fail to reach those goals or deliver the promises as it always happen to promises - at least people would be secured in believe developers have high aspirations.

    See Ashes of Creation - a vaporware grab that unlikely to be ever released with 5% of announced features, but regardless them daring to promise that makes people excided. Archeage for its development roadmap promised a lot of exciting things (as said, delivering is other matter), i.e. nation building and lots of features. EvE promises to become Star Citizen somewhere in 20 years, and Star Citizen promises to release in somewhere in 20 years! Richard Garriot promises such astounishing list of features eventually you are tempted to buy just another totally not cashgrab house plot in Shroud of Avatar!

    Rather disappoint people by not delivering, than by not having ambition in first place. If in 5 years plans Devs dont intend to add VR support to albion, make Google AI play mobs, have data exchange between data servers by SBI owned sattelite launched by SpaceX, dont intend to add China region as separate hostile continent that is hostile to Royal one and able to raid it, not have ability to build own cities brick by brick, dont have player battleships battling each other over exploring the stygian abyss to get resources to build tower of Babel to reach heaven and cause apocalypse - then they are not GameDevs, but a simple boring office workers!
  • I like the plans you have and I dont want to question any of the things yet until they are in the game. That will be the best way to see if they are as good or bad as they seem.

    I just fear the Arena ladder system a bit due to this being an open world game. We want to go out there and do stuff.

    Other than that the whole Mob attacing teritories I like a lot. Was hoping to see this in the game sine I started playing. Would be fun to see a Morgana Army charging down a camp.
  • Hello Korn,

    A year ago there was an online game which is closed now. That online games latest update was, the same update as like your "kay" . Mobs were invading the territories and there were sessions resetting the territories. I dont think this is a good idea for this game. The community wont like the idea of the territories which reset in periods. No one wants to lose their territory to npc in a repeated period without any reward.

    I am quite experienced in online games. I suggest you to change the "kay" update.
    Maybe a cost to guilds for owning territories? Think that raiders which can reach to territory chests are rewarded with a percentage of guild treasure that the guild which owns the territory. Or maybe another thing to replace the kay update. Selling/ buyüng territories with silver can be added?

    Another point is, thief skills can be added to the game. Stealing items from other players can be a good improvement. Or maybe also from chests?
  • So arena it is... And we get same feature as yellow hellgate with some vanity ladder stuff...
    Wasnt it be easyer for ya guys put 4 yellow hellgates per cluster (yeah x4 more) and add some kinda tracker to gather info to make ladderboard? Boooom fast cheap tons of time saved....

    Ah well atleast smart casts and debuff UI finally coming out been waiting 2 years for this hope meet some ppl outside city also tho to test it out lol
  • @Korn I like the arena update coming down the pipeline a lot. It's going to give mid-sized guilds the easy ability to practice against opponents in a structured way so when we risk millions in GvG fights we're not totally caught with our pants down. However i'm not a huge fan of the territory update because I don't believe you should have such a heavy handed approach in a sandbox. You should just make it more difficult to own territories by way of exponential increase in food costs per territory and apply that cost to each territory to make it extremely difficult to own a lot, but not one or two. Based on your roadmap it looks like you want it to be some kind of hybrid between a sandbox and a theme park MMO. I think many people here want you to make it more hardcore, it's what drew us to the game in the first place. I LOVE EvE online for how dark and punishing it is.
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  • Funstealer wrote:

    hajee wrote:


    We also hope to include territory raiding in the Kay update. Territory raiding allows players to steal some of the owning guild's reward points income. By killing all the guards in a watchtower territory, thus replacing them with their own 'racketeers' which need to be cleared by the owning guild to return the territory to full productivity.
    This can not happen. Can you please rethink thisThat right that there will only hurt those small guilds that live and compete in the BZ. I am in small 30 man guild no way could we create a zerg to kill the guards/racketeers.

    Good Job on creating more zerg Mechanics
    actually killing guards with a zerg is a lot harder than killing them with a small group due to how far they leash and the hp increase due to the amount of people hitting them
    Hi I'm a zerg, I'm going to send 10-15 people each side of the territory instead of staying clumped up. It's a shame all the changes cater to zerg guilds even though the game can't handle large scale fights. Glad I didn't play.
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  • Read the road map, immediately realizing that I was hoping for quite more.

    As it is, the game is super barebones and I expected a lot of features to be patched into the game to make it a full game over the next year.

    But these things mentioned won't keep me interested for long, I believe. Well, I enjoyed the month I spent with the game so far (minus the lag , the server issues, rubberbanding, rollbacks, logging in at other places where I logged out, etc...) and got my money's worth out of it.

    Hopefully more content will come over the next 1 or 2 years, even if you burn out on a game (and this game just does not offer that much, as of today) you can still come back and see what is new, anyway. Let's keep fingers crossed that SBI comes with a lot more than mentioned in this roadmap. Still don't believe them to deliver large scale PVP that actually works by the end of the year...



    ...or the next :D
  • Korn wrote:

    Finale wrote:

    The other key topic we’ve identified for Kay is Albion’s performance:
    • To make the open world battles resulting from the above features as enjoyable as possible we've made combat performance a priority. We aim to significantly increase the performance of large scale battles

    You had major issues with that for the past couple years. Spoken in numbers you cant fight 50vs50+ in one zone in albion online without lag spikes and rubberbanding. My question is if you are not able to fix these issuses in a long beta period where you had the time to do so how you fix it now? People are thinking on how the game is designed there is no way to fix these issues on a technical way and if there is a way why is that not fixed a long time ago.
    Over time, as more and more combat effects where added to the game, large scale combat performance suffered - it used to be better during the earlier beta stages.
    We did a tech evaluation of our current large scale combat performance, and a very confident that significant improvements can be made.

    While there is a theoretical tech limit that cannot be exceeded - by anyone, assuming that same Moba like combat system that we use - we have not hit this limit yet.
    Are you going to rework your lag compensation? it's really problematic. From what I have observed your design is good for a fps and with good pings never over 100. Here we are
    in a game with forced movement on the ennemies and with defensive skills. You should benefit from the current extreme lag to see how weird is the logic for your lag compensation. This problem is not only for large scale battle but mostly for small battles.