Roadmap Update: Joseph, Kay & Beyond

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    • I mean honestly guys, what do you expect? Each beta they have disregarded all the input from us as we paid to test their game, wiped the slate and did a 180 in a complete different direction. The only input alibion takes is from their "round table" so they are only hearing from the top 1% of the community. These are the people that want the Blobs in black, not so they know and can run but so they can find other groups and wipe them. Albion is getting tailored to just a hand full of people and thats why with each test its gotten less and less fun and more and more onesided. This is another beta its just Live beta so GG HF ill stay here until my guild sees how shit this game is and move on with them because its the people that make this game worth playing not the game itself because lets be honest, its shit.
    • Telgin schrieb:

      I mean honestly guys, what do you expect? Each beta they have disregarded all the input from us as we paid to test their game
      That is a lie. People didn't want the portal dungeons so they got removed, people didnt want gems or other things for refining so they got removed from it, people wanted caravans so they tried to make world so its happening, some whined there is easy money in yellow zone raid, its gone, they listened to people who said "we need more biomes", people said it would be nice to have caves from map to map, now we have caves. Issue is, they also listened to people who said they die to mobs too much or they die in red zones too much and so we got reputation system that made red zones overcrowded because people dont want to be banned from yellow zones by reputation, mobs dont kill you anymore, they also listened to people who said the world is too big and disregarded that after release there is going to be lot of people so they made the world smaller so now its overcrowded, made portals because people whined they have to run too far and so they deleted any point of "exploration" so now its a gank fest, they also listened to people who whined about "I have to go back from a dungeon? I want to teleport out" so now you can teleport out etc. etc.

      They listen, the issue is, they listen to everything. Sadly they dont listen to those who keep repeating "if you try to make everyone happy eventually you wont make anyone happy." or to those guild leaders crying theirs eyes out because there is no freakin proper quality of life guild changes in a game that focuses on guilds. And now we see some major players from betas leaving the game because it has changed so much they hardly recognize it and its no fun for them anymore. Can you have fun in this game? For sure. Does it resemble the game some of us paid for years back? Not so much.
    • Scamnicitus schrieb:

      The game is severely lacking content IMO... And it's because of the dwindling player base. I don't mind if they put some new stuff into the game, as long as it still forces people to come out into unguarded/pvp zones. It doesn't feel like that will happen, it feels like the opposite.. More carebear then ever...
      it is definitely lacking content and I've stated this before but no one listened to me , the reason you wont have a good amount of people soloing in pvp zones or venturing into pvp zones is because there is only a few classes that can sustain themselves against others. the cookie cutter builds are what this game is currently about although from what I was to understand this game was trying to steer clear of the super uber moded weapon and things like WoW has but still managed to create the idea of " you are what you wear" not "you win if your good" .

      if you want to see more solo players there are a few things that will need adjusting actually... a lot...

      crafting needs to change , don't hate me for saying this but the devs need to pick apart the games they promised that this game would be like. (Ultima online / runescape)

      UO is still played today with a fairly good player base that is almost id say 75% PvPers and its very competitive it has PvE as well.

      the pvp aspects that allowed uo to thrive in this way like it did are:

      - the use of bandages

      - all spells in tome , this allows all mages to use heal spells and those of there choosing(of course you cant use them all at the same time) you would hafto select them in the tome.
      - staves should Modify the casters favorite spells whether that be healing damage or CC.

      - random % weapon mods when crafted using special runic hammers /flethcing kits/ and sewing kits

      -every single person should be able to heal this allows good players to survive against multiples if they can play it right. IMO anyone holding a weapon should be able to use a timed bandage that gets used according to a charecters dexterity, Character stats do not really hafto be added to the game only to the armor so for instance plate users would be much slower at bandaging because each piece of place would reduce your dex by 2 or something to this affect.

      -mounted combat

      - rolls on hits (never missing is fairly lame and seems like it messed up the swing graphic and causes other problems) level 10 proficienty should give a certain %chance to hit going all the way up to 100 (grandmaster swordsman for example)

      - I really think that if the devs just pulled up some old uo client launched razor hopped onto a free shard and studied some of the well rounded mechanics this game would improve 10 fold.
    • I miss UO so much, but I just cannot tolerate what EA did to that game after Origin. It was like taking the mona lisa of MMORPGs and just defacing it. A work of art, destroyed. I'll admit there is some beauty left in that world, with the sandbox housing system but its a remnant of what it was. And the only surviving server is Atlantic, i visited there with a old friend a few years back.

      Origin was kind enough to have GMs support a player run RP event I had hosted once. Those were fun times. I don't think I will ever have memories like that again in sandbox gaming.
      Scotia, Baron of Carafax
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    • You cant compare UO to AO. Just look at the maps of albion. Its a copy paste mess of sqaures. Great job on immersion. Albion is released 20 years later than UO. Albion trys really hard to give you that illusion of a game. You can see it if you open the worldmap and compare it to the actual gameplay. Looks good right? That should say it all. Where are your limits?
    • The squares are just server boundaries in my mind. UO had those too, you just couldn't see them but they were all over the place and square shaped. UO's were buggy too. Lame people used to boundary hop to gib fights in UO all the time. "God, all those times pvp fight nights in Buccaneers den running back and forth between the invisible boundry and the moon gate" lol...
      Scotia, Baron of Carafax
      Ultima Online - Napa Valley 1998-2005
    • Scotia schrieb:

      The squares are just server boundaries in my mind. UO had those too, you just couldn't see them but they were all over the place and square shaped. UO's were buggy too. Lame people used to boundary hop to gib fights in UO all the time. "God, all those times pvp fight nights in Buccaneers den running back and forth between the invisible boundry and the moon gate" lol...
      Not even close to being the same thing
    • Scotia schrieb:

      The squares are just server boundaries in my mind. UO had those too, you just couldn't see them but they were all over the place and square shaped. UO's were buggy too. Lame people used to boundary hop to gib fights in UO all the time. "God, all those times pvp fight nights in Buccaneers den running back and forth between the invisible boundry and the moon gate" lol...
      MAN o MAN you brought back a memory that I didn't even know was in my head lol. Bucs den was SOOO Much fun! I must have ran over that boundry line 1,000 times. I hope Legends of Aria is good!
    • Now that joseph has dropped can we expect another roadmap update?

      something with a tighter view of the next content patch

      and a better look into what may follow

      will arenas get new modes such as combat only/ 3v3 10v10 serparation of the 2 existing queues?
      layouts for how the guild/territory content will be changing
      will any new items or consumables be considered
      Is there any prospect of adding a T9 within a year or so?
      are additions to the current map or some event the changes the map possible
      each tile I would think has connection points how easily might they move if say an earthquake split the continent and caerleon was split into 2 coastal cities?
    • Korn schrieb:

      Celludriel schrieb:


      Couldn't you outsource the implementation of just the Guild QoL to a team of consultants guided by one inhouse lead developer. That way you won't use up permanent company employees and get this very important and way to late feature into the game ? I believe in the end this will safe you more money and resources then if you keep pushing back the QoL. You might lose customers or burn existing customers out keeping it way until late next year, then biting the bullet and let an external team develop it for you.

      Just how my developer mind thinks I guess ?
      Unfortunately not. The guild QoL stuff touches some of the most complex code of the game (rights management, data tracking and storage, etc) which only our best coders can actually work on.
      Where we can, we do use outsourcing though. For example, the killboard, character builder and general website development is largely done by an external company.
      Are there any plans to update the character builder to include changes from Joseph? For example, Grudge is not an option when building a cursed staff build.
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    • Given the sharp drop in activity and player-base, which Joseph did nothing to stop, I would propose a very radical change in direction. Kay is probably mostly set in stone and I doubt will do anything to improve the situation, but I really think you need to sharply pivot on the "beyond" stuff... and let everyone know you've sharply pivoted ASAP.
      • Elite Expeditions & Expedition Challenges - Players will be able to obtain access items which allow them and their premade group to engage in particularly challenging expeditions with lots of new mobs, challenging bosses and appropriate rewards. The most skilled PvE players can compete against each other to see who can beat the highest difficulty level.
      Just simply put: Let everyone know you've taken this plan, ripped it into the garbage, and set it on fire. It's bad enough you wanna work on this... but you put it as the number 1 thing we all can look forward to?

      You promised more instanced content and people left the game. You delivered more instanced content and more people left the game. When are you going to understand that Instanced Content isn't what most players came for. Sure, they run it a lot. Sure, they probably give it a 4-5 out of 5 when that silly survey pops up simply because they didn't get an autistic tank that run. These metrics DO NOT mean people enjoy this content. They do it because it's fast, convenient and easy. It doesn't matter if this content is less rewarding than the open world in a strict numbers game - the lazy factor combined with the psychological safety factor is serving to trap players who'd otherwise be forced to confront their fears of full loot in the open world.

      And of those who, under no circumstances, will confront their fears? They're going to get bored and leave anyway because there's already an MMO that's 100% safe and provides all the instanced content they could ever want. It's called World of Warcraft... and believe me, you can't compete with WoW. And even if you could, why in Gods Green fuck would you want to?
      • Interactive PvE spots - We’re looking to make doing PvE in the open world much more exciting by making them less predictable and also adapt and react to the player's’ actions. Random special mobs could spawn, and certain actions could trigger special events (for example, killing a Morgana cultist might cause her to summon a reverse hell gate from which a huge wave of demons emerges, etc). These events could in theory also affect an entire zone: for example, after you kill the Keeper main boss, the Earthmother, it might be that the Keepers decide to besiege a player city as revenge, and lots of players would need to cooperate to break that siege. The underlying idea is that we want to break the monotony in open world PvE. Design for this is still in the very early stages, but our goal is to make mob farming in the open world more rewarding and enjoyable by adding some more interactive, understandable and enjoyable mechanics to it.
      This is what I'm talking about. Dynamic open world in your open world MMORPG Sandbox.
      • Blessings - Blessings add a type of character upgrade to the game which can only be gained from PvE. These rewards will drop in the form of scrolls from mobs and the strength of the blessing is randomly determined upon use. Players can then decide to keep their old blessing or replace it with the new one. This allows for the stats min-maxing gameplay known from other games. Blessings will cover a wide range of effects, some of which might be lost upon death while others may persist.
      Cool. Just make sure people have to leave Caerleon to get these. Doesn't even have to be Red/Black Zone specific... just make sure they don't drop from instanced content, or that's all people will do to farm these.
      • Further guild quality of life improvements. This is an ongoing topic for us and contains a lot of different features. We aim to roll out improvements with every update to continuously improve on this topic.
      Honestly, this should have been #1 priority months before launch. I understand financial restrictions forced the launch, but having a guild interface the way yours is set up is an embarrassment for any title not created back in 1997. I can't even imagine being an officer in a guild (much less a GM) with the caveman tools you've provided them. I would put this front and center, even before open world additions or anything you've got going on for Kay
      • Improved vanity rewards: New avatars, unlockable emotes, underclothing, titles, medals etc
      Push these to the first expansion IMHO. Given all the issues in the game, these are the second last thing you should be working on... with Instanced Content taking the rear (or taking it up the rear, if you'd prefer).
      • Involving more guild members in GvG by making modifications to the GvG rules and making it harder for a few strong teams to dominate GvG landscape
      Good ideas, but I think the Joseph change of restricting dominate teams from doing more than one attack or defense a day was a good enough of a start. With every guilds A team only able to attack or defend once a day (unless opponent no shows), it has put a *huge* onus on ZvZ participation. We get lack luster Warcamp defense, we can never grow or expand as our guys are forced to protect what we own. This has made every member of an Alliance who shows up to ZvZs valuable. Put this on the backburner until the most obvious problems are sorted out.

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    • Your biggest issue is the guild management.

      It's a full time role being an officer/GM and only a finite number of people have the time or ability to do it. Once they quit or leave the guild dies.

      Honestly I don't understand why it's so hard and why it has taken so long. Even for just some key features to come into play for a guild level.

      There are guilds quitting left and right, and I think fundamentally its this issue that's causing it. Give leaders more free time means more guild events ect ect
    • Problem come more from BZ in my opinion, now holidays off > Reds & Yellow/Blue zone are pretty empty (was in a blue in week > We was 5! Fort Sterling have pain to have more than 50 people into, and reds for T6 ressources often farmed by PK make little guild having lot of trouble to expand/find fun. Maybe setting up an ally status for alliances / guilds ?(also higher reputation loss for PK ?) Allowing some guilds to be "friends" and can't be attacked in BZ from ZvZ Squads who re running often can maybe help ? So they can come gather/make PvE a bit , because apparently as far as i see only BZ alliances still play a lot because there are no high tier ressources/dungeons anywhere.

      Next update with "Rich Territories" can maybe fix this ? But be quick... Like make a continent where nobody can claims territories & with high tier ressources (no one will know % or rare drop like in Swamp burrow/Ore adit/Transition maps, then make it still nice to be attractive) , will make little guilds able to go over there because guilds in BZ have their territories (also lock portal for 2hour like a BZ continent ? why not)