Roadmap Update: Joseph, Kay & Beyond

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  • So just 5 short months until black zone guilds see anything worth mentioning? And part of what we will get is that we will lose all the territories we have invested literally hundreds of millions of gold and thousands of man hours into acquiring and securing? I certainly hope by territories you are only referring to watchtowers and not city plots, even though that is still a terrible idea. I can't imagine that you would actually steal our T8 buildings from us, but I guess I wouldn't put it past you at this point.

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  • The other key topic we’ve identified for Kay is Albion’s performance:
    • To make the open world battles resulting from the above features as enjoyable as possible we've made combat performance a priority. We aim to significantly increase the performance of large scale battles

    You had major issues with that for the past couple years. Spoken in numbers you cant fight 50vs50+ in one zone in albion online without lag spikes and rubberbanding. My question is if you are not able to fix these issuses in a long beta period where you had the time to do so how you fix it now? People are thinking on how the game is designed there is no way to fix these issues on a technical way and if there is a way why is that not fixed a long time ago.
  • And when game will get better guild permissions (e.g. own ranks with setting, any warehouses for resources with logs, chest with logs, marketplace with permission who can buy, silver bank with logs etc )?
    Next year with Kay? Ehm. ;( :/
    Zajíc. Your healer, at your services.
  • I m a little bit dissapointed. These changes are good, and it woud be nice to see all that ingame, but seems like there will be 2-3 patches with ~9 months to see all that stuff, and it doesn't seems enough.

    These updates do not introduce us that amount of content to make players "busy" for this period of time, it look more likely monthly updates, not the season changes.

    This game is becaming to be kinda boring in a very short term (i m not talking about low % of regular GvG participants, they are playing their own AO), maybe month for a player who are spending a lot of his time on game, maybe 2-3 months for the one who are spending a couple of hours per day. Albion online is seriously lacking content in it's current state, especially for non hardcore players (don't get me wrong, i m not talking about CareBears right now, i mean full loot pvp lovers who can't spend big amount of time in a game), solo ganing is dead, yes, it's dead now, small scale fights design isn't working well, Small or even medium guilds coudn't feel themself healthy in the most part of high-end activities, end game phase strongly based on yours possibility to be "someone" in a top tier guild, you will have a very few activities to make your own fun otherwise, but the top tier guilds have a very big demands, especially about playing time, so this is a circle.

    Unfortunately, these ~10% of the top players are not the blood and salt of the game. And if you guys want to keep your game alive you need to introduce changes more often, and make this "Major updates" look like "Major", because 2-3 or even 4 months is a very big period of time beetween these patches with that amount of content which you introduced. Players would become bored allready in a couple of months or even less.

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  • Severely disappointment. All things in roadmap are in essence unambitional gradual improvements. Where are the truly NEW things?

    Wheres Fishing?
    Wheres shipbuilding, sea exploration and travel?
    Where are new continents and types of zones?
    Where are new crafting and weapon trees?
    Where are expansion of personal/guild isle building and customization mechanics?
    Where is rewamp of farming?
    Where are World Wonders?
    Where are "Research" projects and new "Scientist" proffession?
    Where are immersion and roleplaying features, taverns and bards class?
    Where are Dragons?
    Where is Werewolf/Vampire race gameplay option for players?
    Where is religions and Gods, worship and Priest proffession, virtues and religious karma?
    Where is formations and ritual magic?
    Where are map editors for customized dungeons and zones?
    Where is operable magic mechas and siege tanks?
    Where are tamable pokemons?
    Where are... well i am getting bit too far, but you get the point.

    This is not EVE/Runescape expansion, its just minor polishing.

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  • Guild Quality Of Life Changes - What Happened Korn?

    Guild Quality of Life Changes Mentioned:
    • Update 1: Joseph - "scheduled to release in late September or early October."
      • Sortable guild member list with last online status of guild members in guild UI
    • Update 2: Kay - "before the end of the year"
      • Nothing.
    • Beyond "Kay" - "we aim to bring a major update to Albion every 3-4 months so you can expect another Update to hit approximately that time after ‘Kay’."
      • "Further guild quality of life improvements. This is an ongoing topic for us and contains a lot of different features. We aim to roll out improvements with every update to continuously improve on this topic.
    So what happened @Korn ? On July 11th 2017 you replied to a thread my friend started in 2015 that I had bumped days before. I wrote:

    Vortech wrote:

    Haven't been checking up for some time now.. First thing I was looking for were guild management improvements. If not everything, then something.. got nothing. Missed opportunity by SBI IMO, these QoL changes are imperative to a successful launch for guild leadership and SBI long term.

    and then you replied:

    Korn wrote:

    Guild quality of life changes are right at the top of our to do list for the first post-launch update.

    The first things we want to work on here are a guild storage with configurable tabs, combined with customizable guild roles.

    More details will follow soon.

    We also hate the fact that the above features are not already in the game. The reason for this is that they take a crazy amount of time implement, and prior to release, hence had too much competition from gameplay related features that you could be implemented in a shorter amount of time.

    Having said that, one feature that we consider to be a little part of guild quality of life, which of course also helps the game in general, is the item stacking feature we recently implemented. This should make logistics a bit easier already, and is a pre-requisite for stuff like tabbed guild banking to have the maximum impact.

    @Korn @Bercilak, guys.. What happened?

    Where are the logs? Where are the ranks? Where are the permissions? Where are the statistics? How about guild banks or vaults? Where is there mention of Guild Auction House improvements, permission, and or control? I've been playing this game and suffering from the lack of focus you've put on Guild QoL for over three years now. I need more, you need to go above and beyond here and explain what the is going on. There is absolutely no excuse for this to have taken so long and continue to be pushed back now that the game has finally launched. Guild are an integral part to this game and you guys simply do not seem to understand that, care about it, or respect it.

    Sep 22nd 2014 - Feedback [Guild management, PVP & UI] - First mention of guild logs in feedback forum,
    Dec 20th 2015 - Guild Management and Orginization
    Sep 26th 2014 - Black Cocks collection of bugs/feedback/suggestions - Guild chest with logs, chest titles, customizable ui
    Oct 7th 2014 - [Feedback] Basic a points to should pay attention - Last seen, Guild silver log, guild bank with permissions
    Feb 4th 2015 - guild system - Guild ranks/permissions, Chest logs, Guild Bank
    Feb 16th 2015 - End of Alpha Final thoughts, What Worked / What Didn't and Suggestions - Last seen, customizable rank permissions, guild bank
    Feb 25th 2015 - Rook's Report - Permissions, Chest logs, Guild Bank, Tabbed storage, Custom storage permissions, Last seen
    Mar 10th 2015 - Guild management - Last seen
    Mar 12th 2015 - advanced guild tools (management) - Ranks and custom permissions, Guild silver logs, Guild bank, Guild message board

    This community has asked for guild logs repeatedly over the years and betas since September 22nd 2014. That is 1,068 Days OR 2 years 11 months, and 3 days. These are only some threads the FIRST page of search results from Feedback & Suggestion while searching for "guild management" show. We have stuck with you over the years, why do you continue to disregard our opinions on this matter? Why are you not listening to us? Why are most of these features STILL not here yet? Guilds are everything to this game. The game launched, you've run out of time.

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  • "Combat and item balance is being reviewed and significant balance adjustments will come with Joseph"

    So can we expect a "risk vs reward" balance as promised in the past? or will it still be the 10% down to 1.5% difference between the tier´s? Hopefully it will also fix the problems with ppl zerging in low tier gear in black zone.