Yellow Fellows - LFM For Small Group PVP

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  • Yellow Fellows - LFM For Small Group PVP

    Yellow Fellows is a noob-friendly guild, currently looking for players interested in small-group red/black (also yellow) zone PvP roaming.
    Any role/tier is fine. Right now we have 7 active members, and we are trying to recruit enough members to be able to regularly assemble groups of 5-7 players, without having to wait for everyone to come online at once.

    • You don't like yellow zone ganking? Don't join Yellow Fellows.
    • We are currently mostly interested in red/black zone PvP
    • Anyone can join, we do not discriminate.

    We are most active from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM, UTC (UTC-4 time zone)

    If you want to join, or if you have any questions, message 'Quasit' in-game.

    Or reply to this thread.

    Come have a fun time.

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