• You dont need to use hacks to zoom further out. Its a resolution issue. In beta 1 one guy explained that to me how he did it with dual monitors. He extended his screen both sides so he could see further. I have no idea how to do that myself but it might be easier to do as you think.
  • I did my own research about cheats and I landed into this post on a forum that I won't tell the origin :

    There are cheats in AO running, maybe it's just a niche of players (I hope).

    I can give the link to the staff if they wish, but I think they are probably aware.

    [edit by mod: thanks for the report! Please going forward, report any sites like this here as we do not want give cheat makers any type of PR]

    ''play safe'' fuck these guys.

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  • yogafire wrote:

    I hear skills being used on my personal island when I'm the only player there. I personally don't think headphones with the volume turned up high helps that much in Albion, at least compared to games like Darkfall.
    I think you are hearing things, and you can believe that if you wish. Sound is less important than it used to be, unfortunately, but it definitely helps in hearing people before you see them. If they are fighting mobs, or start galloping on a horse, those are the ones I hear the most.
  • JonahVeil wrote:

    It's not even Zoom hack.

    4k Monitors are doing this all on their own. It's something the game needs to control by limiting resolutions.
    You need to stop spreading false information. Yes higher res monitors can see further. The majority of players are actually just using cheat engine on one standard monitor.

    The fact people like you keep spreading this mis-information and the developers come along side you and say the hack doesnt exist or it doesnt give a clear advantage will only hurt the game. You have people in your guild who use the cheat engine hack. People in my guild use it as well as some random dude's guild who is reading this.

    Same with the people who say,

    "You can hear them off screen!"

    Yea and these people always make the straightest line towards a guy "they can hear."

    Give me a break. The zoom hack exists. Look it up. Its easy to use. Dont even have to buy anything. Cheat engine works with Albion Online 100% fine and you dont get banned or kicked. The majority of games out now days actually catch and stop cheat engines use upon start up. Thats how long and common this hack has been around. The fact it actually works for AO means that anyone that knows how to google can use it.

    Most hacks you actually have to buy or find some private 3rd party that wont get you banned ASAP. Not AO. You can download the most used and readily available program to achieve the zoom hack and get a MASSIVE, GAME BREAKING, ADVANTAGE. Imagine if you could use the zoom hack in LoL or Dota. People would quit in droves. Its not fun to play a game where people use hacks to get a clear and massive advantage over you. Albion Online is full loot pvp. Wait until people figure out they have been losing their items due to a hack. Think they will want to log in?

    Then you go to the forums to say something about it and you see idiots like this guy parroting bullshit that just helps the developers sweep this thing under the rug. You do more damage than the mods that censor the posts because people will actually parrot and believe you. Like they did when the Dev on reddit said the zoom hack,

    "Gives no clear advantage"

    Verbatim. He said that. That is the reality of this cover up. They actually want you to think there is no zoom hack, and if there is it doesnt give any advantage. Its just sound guys. Or maybe that guy bought a cool monitor! Thats it! Lets all be autistic and believe anything we hear.

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  • I never said there are zero hacks.

    I am saying, if 4k monitors are giving an increased FoV, as are multiple monitor setups, then the problem is happening legitimately, and illegitimately.

    And you have ZERO proof the MAJORITY of players are using a Zoom hack. If anything, your posts are actually causing MORE people to use it.

    People that cry the most, usually compound and worsen whatever issue they're crying about.

    Get proof. Record it. Submit it.

    Do your due diligence. Don't run around telling people how to get a hack you apparently hate.
    BoM, In our hearts and minds.
  • It seems to me a lack of respect that have eliminated my comment because I have to prove to korn that if there is zoom hack.

    A lack of respect to those who pay for a product / service, to see if they stop fantasizing and accept once they have a serious hacking problem, Where many pages sell Albion hacks and bots.

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  • Jiggyjooby wrote:

    Korn wrote:

    Kylas wrote:

    In my case I heard the player dismount and cast something akin to ambush off screen there never was a name plate or any indication of a red player. I just noticed the different sound effect. A few seconds later a red player pops up about 5 feet away from me. Thankfully I mounted as soon as I heard the sound.
    If you hear another player, the other player hears you, too.
    Does the game also use surround sound? I vaguely remember someone saying it does.
    Yes. Put on headphones/earbuds and you can tell a whole lot easier the direction sounds are coming from and roughly how far out. Or at least left to right.
  • On one particular gank I thought I had been zoomhacked. Culprit appeared on screen from an ambush and ran the rest of the way using rush (hunter boots).

    I was livid. I thought there was no way they could have done that without extra unfair info.

    After examining my instant replay carefully I was forced to admit there were ways I could have been noticed and trapped legitimately. Most notably is the sound they would have heard of me hitting rocks to the east of them. (who asked, yes, surround sound.)
  • Valde wrote:

    Holoin wrote:

    Valde wrote:

    This is not me (obviously), I post it to demonstrate that player models can be seen before name tags pop up using zoom hack.
    mmm no one is saying that it doesnt at his name. He is clearly using a very common hacker name. Why is he using a name like that? He knew he was going to get banned soon, he just made that account to hack it and prove what can be done with the hack.

    Our point is not that hacking does not happen, our point is that it happens less often than what people think, and most of the time it is you guys getting mad because some one killed you and you call it a hacker, when it is not a hacker.

    Experienced players can do some pretty good ganks, that would appear like hacking to noobs when its not hacking.
    Someone in this thread stated that the zoom hack wasn't that strong as it was limited to the same distance as the name tag, I was simply demonstrating that this is not the case. There was no other reason for me posting the video.hackermake a number of suppositions, namely that it happens less often than people think. That itself presupposes that players complaining about others hacking cannot determine between good players and hackers
    Yes, players are not able to identify good players from hackers. This is something you can know by following logic and player behavior(most people wont understand any of this)

    Not only in this game, but in all games, when a player gets beaten and they dont understand the game mechanics, they always say that it was hacking. This happens because most players have a high ego, they dont want to accept thay they are bad, so they find the first excuse they can think of to keep their ego, and most of the time, especially in games like this(sandbox) the excuse is a hacking oponent.

    The reason I know hacking does not happend has often as you think, is because of how many hackers the devs ban(more than 1k accounts banned in just a few weeks) in combination with my experience in game(havent been afected by a hacker)
    I can deduce that hackers in game are not common, as most of them get banned sooner or later.
  • I think the Devs should implement some value validation for some of their most important stat variables (like zoom,camera Position,etc.) it won't prevent hackers from finding a way around it, but it will catch all of those who just copy cheatengine stuff from the Internet or try to tweak some variables.