Looking for a pve & pvp tankbuild

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  • Looking for a pve & pvp tankbuild

    Hello friends,

    I really like the game but at the moment I'm struggling with a proper pve and pvp tankbuild. I want to go for nonartifact stuff, cause I can't afford it to loose that stuff regular but I need good manaregen (maybe a nice passive) for t6 expos (which I wanna spam to level my gear fast).

    I also like the classic tankway, like 1hand and shield.

    Maybe some people can gibe me some nice options.

    Thanks in advance,

  • You can run pretty much anything for t6 exps as a tank. Ppl in t6 exps are usually more experienced, and you won't have a hard time tanking like in t4 exps where all the bow users, and casters keep pulling stuff. Just make sure you pick the chest taunt to make your group's life easier.
    As for "classic" sword'n'board tank: All you really wanna have on your tanking weapon is roots/interrupts, and additionally cc/purges/cleanses for PvP. That said, 2h Mace, and Hammer are kinda top tier for PvE tanking, due to their useful spells. Both are very viable, and a lot of fun.

    I'd say 2H Hammer needs a little practice (because of the rush spell), and Mace tree is the easiest to tank with, with the Morning Star being my personal favourite.
  • 1h Hammer and shield isn't bad. PBAOE stun is a useful interrupt. PvPers generally prefer the 2h Hammers and Maces due to the more PVP-centric skills.

    Personal advice from one expedition grinding Tank to another: once you get your helm of choice to T5, swap over to cloth and spring for a Druid helm. Your mana issues will be solved and you'll only wear it in expeditions so you won't lose it. Plus, if you're running with a good group the presence of a Druid helm speeds up expedition runs greatly.
  • For PVE the heavy mace is king. 1 single target interrupt AND one aoe interrupt (silence) is hard to beat. It is also viable in PVP but most groups would probably prefer you run the Morning Star (2 aoe roots). I have started using the Morning star for PvE to level specialization but I do miss the second interrupt form the 2H mace.

    Mana regen: You don't need to spam threatening strike more than a couple times if you have the aggro passive. Once my group has it down to one mob I just auto attack and never lose agro. Mana has not been a problem for me.