For Albion's Hegemony

    • ten random equally-skilled gvg teams in one guild, can be better than 1 top-skilled gvg team in your guild.

      you could simply give the guild with 1 top gvg team, ten gvgs every day.

      wherever the top-skilled gvg team shows up, you no-show.

      you will not only destroy the motivation of the top-skilled gvg team very quickly, but you will also conquer all gvg territories where the top-skilled gvg team doesn't show up.

      yoda finally made the decision. yoda the jedi 'master' will join the ranks of YaaYAlbion's Ghost and will become the ghost's worshiper.
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
    • and the ghost said.. I want no excuses..

      I wanna see positioning.

      what is positioning?

      you can have a group of 30 players searching for pvp action in 1 direction.

      or you could have 3 groups of 10 players searching for pvp action in 3 directions.

      searching for pvp action in 3 directions, improves the chances of your guild/alliance finding some pvp action.

      when you have 3 paths to go..

      you could go with one group of 30 players in one direction.

      or.. go with 3 groups of 10 players in 3 directions.

      look at the mini map, look at the world map.

      try to find key locations.

      key locations can be used to set up an ambush, deny passage to opposing players or.. as an advantage position against incoming opposing groups. it is an absolute advantage when you know that the opposing group has to come from a certain direction.

      positioning yourself well, both on the mini map and the world map, can make a lot of difference.

      yoda is amazed once again.
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
    • with the arena there albion's first period has come to an end.. the pre-arena age.

      the arena will produce fanatic offensive battle-hardened pvp warriors.

      those not participating in the daily arena battles will not be able to keep up with those who do.

      the arena age is here.

      you will see more fanatic open world pvp and gvg action thanks to the arena.

      lame-gamers will see their empires shrink. arena warriors will see their empires grow.
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
    • pro guild-gatherer/worker tips.

      whenever talking to your guild master say: "Yes milord!"

      ( for someone who played warcraft II for 20+ yrs it brings a tear to the eye for sentiment lol. )

      guild master: Gather that stuff!

      guild peasant: Yes milord!

      can I get a like for this?

      (I will like it myself anyway) :thumbup:
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
    • haha said yaayalbion's ghost. the free days of albion are over.

      a struggle of only blood, sweat and loot is what takes it's place.

      your loot, my loot.

      everyone who wants to remain on the battle scene now, will have to take out the swords for it.

      let battle for conquer and survival and relevance commence.

      a desperate individual who goes by the name Percyvelle dared to speak to yaayalbion's ghost without fear, without care.

      spreading doubts about the ghost? the ghost senses an attempt to ridicule? let's have a battle of words in Forum Banter and see who dares to speak to the ghost again without fear.
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
    • there is the rise and fall of several alliances and guilds.

      nothing serious enough for global significance yet.

      are there any forces yet, that take an aim at global dominance?

      now yoda starts to move towards the edge of the chair. little bit of nail biting. stuff gets serious now?
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
    • the appearance of battle mounts on albion's battlefield?

      they are definitely a factor.

      yaayalbion's ghost can obviously predict they will add speed to the game.

      your surroundings on the open world pvp zone will not be the same anymore.

      zvzs, gatherers, guild territories are areas where battle mounts can add a lot to the battlefield.

      raiders no longer need to get off their mount to attack gatherers. Can one even imagine the significance of this?

      YaaYAlbion's Ghost hereby announces a new Age.

      The Age Of The Battle Mount is here.
      Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom