For Albion's Hegemony

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  • For Albion's Hegemony

    Who will drop out and who will remain in the struggle for Albion's dominance?

    ( This page is the evil-doing of YaaYAlbion's Ghost. )

    The ghost wants opposing forces to pvp each other, to show whose the dominant force of Albion.

    Is it going to be you claiming Albion's Throne? Or is it going to be someone else?

    I know it is going to be you. Claim that throne!

    Should no one want to pvp for Albion's Throne.. then the ghost will claim it.

    Hah.. there you got the pressure. you feel it?

    Are you gonna let YaaYAlbion's Ghost take Albion's Throne without a drop of sweat?

    PvP for Albion!

    ( lol I already named it Albion's Throne but hey.. let's show me that pvp for dominance. )
    - - -
    stay tuned for more.. as the struggle for Albion's dominance has only just begun.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • The ghost will wait for Founder Pack premiums to run out.

    After that.. nothing is for free anymore in this game.

    YaaYAlbion's Ghost knows that players can get new premiums until the end of days.

    But again.. nothing is going to be for free anymore.

    People have to get the premiums to keep the benefits.

    It takes energy and silver/gold, choices have to be made.

    On the bottom of the list it will make people struggle.
    - - -
    The ghost lets time do it's work.

    Who still has the strength and will to pvp for Albion's dominance, after a few months time?

    We are a month after Release.. Who is still here? And who already dropped out?
  • As of now, YaaYAlbion's Ghost is no longer passive, standing idly-by.

    It is actively engaging Albion's battlefield, from this day on.

    ( hey and now don't you say.. is anyone gonna notice the difference? better get that popcorn and stay tuned. cuz.. there are pro strategists at work here, ask Queen.. she already called me mastermind :thumbsup: )
  • YaaYAlbion's Ghost Tactics

    Have Group A and Group B.

    Group A will mislead attention of the opposing group.

    Group B rushes in from the flank, while the opposing group is paying attention to Group A.

    Group A and Group B can each have 20 Players, 40 Players, 80 Players, 100 Players, 200 Players, 500 Players, 1000 Players.
    - - -
    more tactics will follow.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • YaaYAlbion's Ghost Tactics

    Be the third dog.

    When two players pvp each other, wait and spectate.

    Wait until one player has pk'ed the other player.

    Then you move in and pk the wounded player that's still standing.

    You will have the loot of both players, without a drop of sweat spent.
    - - -
    more tactics will follow.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • VetonB wrote:

    good, and you? I don't play much anymore cause of all the changes pissed me off, even tho I still love Albion. How's your guild going?
    I'm playing for the long term. I got guild stuff set-up. My main focus is endurance though.

    It's not about who is owning stuff right now, it's about who still has the strength, energy and will left to dominate albion after a few years from now.

    Working on my guild/alliance step-by-step.

    My aim is.. once I have the dominant position, to never give it away again. anyone reading?
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • YaaYAlbion's Ghost Tactics

    An organized army of 20 can be better than a horde of 1000.
    - - -
    In the heat of battle it's almost impossible to command and control 1000 individual players.

    You can only give the horde general commands and you can only give the horde one general direction.
    - - -
    Divide the army of 20 in 2 groups of 10 and let them circle around the horde of 1000.

    The leader of the horde of 1000 will have 2 targets to focus on, but he/she only has 1 set of brains.

    In the given situation, communication breakdown and mental confusion will be inevitable for the horde and it's leader.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • and so.. it is time for YaaYAlbion's Ghost to do some pvping and some pking.

    The ghost says.. it will be raw random non-hype guilds/alliances that will remain on top in the end.

    Hyped-up guilds/alliances can only keep up the hype for a limited time.

    Now where is the pvping you say?

    YaaYAlbion's Ghost just pked all hyped-up guilds/alliances in one comment post lol.

    Raw random non-hype guilds/alliances will remain on top in the end.

    It has been said.

    how one post can give you rank 1 in pk fame. again, step aside yoda.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom
  • the ghost agreed with owensssss.

    the step of entering the pvp zone is already hype.

    why enter the pvp zone when there are non-pvp zones?

    someone trying to add logic to entering the pvp zones makes no sense, when there are non-pvp zones in the game.

    the only good reasons to be in pvp zones, is to randomly loot or conquer stuff.

    the following conclusion can be concluded.. entering the pvp zones is drama.

    which means.. everyone entering the pvp zones, excluding looters and conquerors, is hype and can only lose.

    YaaYAlbion's Ghost just pk'ed all non-looters and non-conquerors entering the pvp zones.

    yoda blinks the eye realizing he still has much to learn.
    Let's Make Albion Legendary. just somerandom