Gathering, mining, farming

  • Gathering, mining, farming

    First of All sorry for my english...
    I bought this game about 1 weak ago. It was interested me because it have many possibilites. I decided that I would be the greatest miner and "trader" in this game. So I go to gathering on the map. At least i try to do this. BUT I CAN'T. All pleace is full with players where l go. All resourses is emty. Players everywhere (it's good for you i guess) but i can't do my thing. I can't develop my skills. How can I do this if i can't gathering. what can i do? It's too boring to me, all time I go around the map and if i find a resource than wolfs or boars attack me. Meanwhile i kill the animals other players gather the resource what i found. How can i evolve in this game?