Midnight Expresso, A Newbie-Friendly Merchant Guild.

  • Midnight Expresso, A Newbie-Friendly Merchant Guild.

    Hello there!

    I'm Philostic, the owner of Midnight Expresso.

    When I started playing Albion, I found myself drawn to the economic side of things. Gathering, crafting, trading. Unfortunately, I struggled to find a guild that was right for me. Most guilds advertise as 'Hardcore' PvP guilds, and while I did enjoy hellgates and team fighting, I still found myself drawn to making that sweet $$$, in a way that helped other players. I found myself a small guild of PvP'ers who needed someone to craft equipment for them, and was glad to fill the role. Unfortunately, that guild has since disbanded, so I decided to start my own.

    Midnight Expresso is a down-to-earth guild meant to hold players who work together to gather, craft, and trade our way into wealth. We are close-knit and group oriented, and unlike larger guilds, we always put our members first. Whether you're a new player interested in crafting but not quite knowing where to start, a crafter looking for dedicated gatherers to source materials, or a dedicated tradesman looking for a pack to travel with safely, Midnight Expresso is a good fit for players of all experience levels.

    Any questions? Shoot some mail to Philostic in-game, or check out our discord, discord.gg/gvFs6hX

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