Gallop on roads.

  • Gallop on roads.

    It has been brought to my attention that gallop is undesirable as an engage feature.

    Upon analysis i have come to the conclusion that gallop could be nerfed to only trigger ON ROADS.

    this allows for fast movement through zones using roads, also adds a bottle neck for attacking caravans.

    This will then create risk and reward for using roads.

    Finally this allows for mount speed variation to differ based on gathering vs moving materials for trading.
  • I'm not sure about removing gallop off roads, but I am all for a speed buff while on roads for more than [x] seconds.

    Generally speaking, you should be travelling faster on a road than through rough terrain. That is a major benefit of roads. But video games and reality don't have to align.

    Now, this thought is a bit crazy. But what if players had to maintain the healthiness of roads to get a buff from them? Otherwise they appear decayed. Anyone can repair them with some limestone (or some such) and should any take a couple seconds per segment of road. Grants Fame or Rep or both. Roads decay over time, possibly more so with use.

    Would anyone repair the roads? BZ, fittingly, would probably have more decayed roads and no extra speed buffs.
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