ZergPolice; the new OOPS?

  • ZergPolice; the new OOPS?

    Okay its a clickbait i admit they really aren't but,

    I don't get it anytime i read forum posts by Zergpolice they claim they are an alliance that wants to tackle zerging and embarrass low skill players that zerg up to fight instead of seeking good fights, am I mistaken in this?

    Personally I like fighting Zergpolice players in open world they are always ready to bang and seem to like to engage in relatively fair fights, obvious exceptions apply when they are dealing gankers, griefers poachers understandable and all.

    So why is it today when im running through Mardale I see Finstack using their guild territory as a safety net to stage boring fights and use the OOPS fishing tactic, And then when we do get some numbers to pvp them and by numbers I mean 6 random blues that we put together to balance the 6 or 7 red that were in their unrestricted pvp zone area did they never venture out from the safety of their guild territory to fight it, just a boring standstill of me shit talking and waiting for them to initiate only to see them just wait and wait until they could get a harpoon off from offscreen from the relative saftey of their guild plot

    I could forgive them if it was an issue of not wanting to deal w a bunch of blue zergs that exist in red zones but that wasn't the case here since there were none around and we were well within the unrestricted zone but maintaining a spot that we couldn't easily retreat out of the unrestricted zone and draw random blues into the fight to kill them but they never wanted to venture out farther than a point that was close enough to retreat right back into the safety of their guild plot.

    Look I get it, its a sandbox everything is valid and im okay with it personally do what you want to do but if you're going to make big dick claims and crap on OOPS for doing lame stuff in the game; an alliance i have no affiliation with or could care less about then don't pretend you are any different, just own up to who you are and what you're about otherwise you're frankly bigger cowards than an OOPS stack of 5-7 in T6+ gear retreating after initiating the fight and calling in 30-60 to tackle a 4-5 stack of flat 4/4.1 because they started getting dumpstered cause they forget to factor in specialization bonus and general player skill.

    You have a few bad apples in your alliance in which case you may want to look into that if maintaining a certain reputation is important to you.

    PS; No im not salty I died, death is a part of the game and I enjoy learning from those deaths if I was worried about dying I would have never gotten off my horse in the first place to take the fight.
  • Gwandir wrote:

    I have no idea where the OP got the assumption that ZERG Police do not zerg every now and then. Good rant though. However 100% inaccurate.
    ZERG wasn't zerging in this fight, they generally don't, and if they do idc its a part of the game mechanics use it how you see fit.

    My point was about how I read on the forums how ZERG police define themselves as a pvp alliance and how they define pvp as even number "fair" fights etc etc, i'll concede that could be a matter of sample bias based on the maybe 20-30 posts ive ever seen by their members so if im wrong im wrong i can admit that. In this instance when an opportunity to have an even number fair fight came along and people were willing to accept their challenge to a fight this particular guild never actually wanted to take the fight just hide in the safety of their guild plot, which again is perfectly valid if they want to do so but contradictory to my impression of them based on what ive read and based on how they talk down to other guilds and alliances that do these things.

    That is the whole point of this post, not because i died, not because i didn't like the way they fought just asking for a matter of clarification on what they are about and if i my initial impression of their alliance based on what ive read is incorrect or misguided based on a small sample size or they do in fact believe these things and either A) are hypocrites on the forums about it or B) have people in their alliance that are contrary to their style of play.
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    Rosalia did very nice and funny things :D i like that style, if i had more time i think i'll copy that and do the same :)

    the first movie was fantastic and fun, i laugh at work :D
    ya, i could make another 5 hours of fishing (too lazy to cut, edit, upload, as you could have seen by the first one ^^)... but im currently pretty busy irl...
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  • Its how it happens in these games... one conquest zerg is defeated(and lol @ OOPS lasting less than 1 month after talking so much shit about being kings of beta no one else played) and the next conquest zerg steps up and takes it place.... then they get targetted for owning too much, a war happens, they are eventually(even if takes years) defeated and a new one forms.

    Its how it happened in EVE
    Its how it happened in Darkfall
    Its how it will happen in Albion

    Praise be <3